Weight management

How can I help a cat control its weight?

To help a cat control its weight, a variety of measures need to be taken, including the following aspects: Reasonable diet: The cat’s diet needs to be controlled. It is recommended to choose high-quality and nutritious cat food, and avoid too much oil, salt and sugar and other foods rich in fat, salt and sugar. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the cat has enough water intake to promote metabolism. Increase the amount of exercise: Cats need to be active from time to time to exercise their bodies and stay healthy. Owners can play games, take walks with the cat every day, and even train them to walk with the owner to promote the cat’s weight management. Regular check-ups: Owners should regularly take the cat to the veterinarian for check-ups to ensure that their health is good. As soon as any abnormal situation is found, medical attention should be sought immediately and appropriate measures should be taken as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary injuries. Maintain cleanliness and hygiene: It is important to keep cats clean, not only to reduce the risk of disease, but also to control their weight. Owners should bathe cats regularly and keep their litter boxes clean. Through the above measures, cats can be helped to control their weight and stay healthy.

cat weight management

Cat’s month and weight?


Age Weight

70-135 g a day

110-125 g a week

215-420 g for three weeks

250-500 g for four weeks

290-620 g for five weeks

315-700 g for six weeks

400-900 g for seven weeks

Adult cat

Status Weight

Average 2.5-5.5 kg

Pregnancy 3.5-5. 5Kg

Breastfeeding period 3.5-5. 5kg

The height and weight of the cat?

The general body length does not exceed 30 cm and the weight does not exceed 10 kg.

Healthy adult cats, according to different breeds, have different weight standards. Generally, the small body size is 1. 7kg-4. Between 5kg, the body length is about 30 cm. Mumbai breeds are larger, about 7-10 kg, forty or fifty cm. Male cats are generally larger.

Cats grow up to fourteen or five months before they stop elongating. Larger breeds can reach 10 kilograms for male cats and 8 kilograms for female cats as adults. Their physique and weight need to be at least 4 years old to fully develop. They grow about half a meter in length.

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