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How can I build tolerance for the big white jar cream?

The standard for building tolerance is that you can use it once a few days at the beginning, so that the skin can gradually adapt to this skin care product, or use it once every two or three days. After a period of time, you can use it once a day, morning or evening. If there is no problem with the skin after using it for a period of time, then you can return to normal. Use it once a day in the morning and evening. If the skin has always been normal, it means that tolerance has been established!

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The difference between applying skin care products and makeup?

The difference is probably the following points. 1. Different functions: Skin care products are used to maintain and repair the skin, and take care of problems existing in a certain aspect of the skin; while cosmetics temporarily cover skin blemishes through color, or use color differences to create delicacy through clever techniques.

2. Different effects: Skin care products make the skin better is a gradual process, and changes should be seen during maintenance time; while cosmetics can take effect immediately, modifying face shape, eyes, skin, etc., making you radiant all day.

3. Related products are different. Skin care products such as cleansing cream, water, cream, mask, etc.; while cosmetics are foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, highlight, etc.

sk2 sea blue mystery Helena which is easy to use?

After personal use, I think sk2 sea blue mystery is easier to use than Helena.

1, because sk2 sea blue mystery is a well-known brand in Japan, has a very good reputation, and has been widely praised in the skin care industry. It selects natural plant extracts, which effectively improve skin pigment and condition skin problems.

And, its texture and moisturizing effect are better, it will not feel greasy, and the moisturizing effect is also relatively good.

2, compared with skin problems, even if one of the two will be better, the most important thing is whether it can meet the needs of the skin.

After personal use, I think the skin care effect of sk2 Sea Blue Mystery is better for my skin than Helena Brightening Skin Essence Tea.

But this is also a very subjective personal choice. It is recommended to choose the brand that suits you.

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