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How can boys take skin care to improve their skin?

Boys can take the following skin care measures:

daily skin care routine at home for men

1. Gentle cleansing: Use cleansing products that suit your skin type every morning and evening to thoroughly clean the face and remove oil and impurities.

2. Regular exfoliation: Exfoliation 1-2 times a week can help remove dead skin cells, promote metabolism and make the skin smoother.

3. Hydrating and moisturizing: Use a cream or lotion containing moisturizing ingredients to replenish the moisture required by the skin and keep the skin hydrated.

4. Use sunscreen: Boys also need to pay attention to sunscreen, choose a sunscreen that suits their skin type, and use it on exposed areas of the face to prevent damage to the skin from ultraviolet rays.

5. Diet conditioning: Balanced diet, more intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and antioxidant-rich foods, such as fish, nuts, green tea, etc., help to provide the nutrients the skin needs.

6. Regular work and rest: Keep enough sleep, avoid staying up late and using electronic products for a long time, which helps the skin recover and repair.

7. Avoid irritating products: Avoid using too many cosmetics and irritating skin care products, and try to choose products that are mild and do not contain irritating ingredients.

8. Pay attention to personal hygiene: keep clean pillowcases, towels, etc. to avoid the growth of bacteria.

9. Routine physical examination: Some skin problems may be related to internal problems of the body. It is recommended to have regular physical examinations to detect and solve potential health problems in time.

The most important thing is to choose skin care products that suit your skin type, and make reasonable skin care plans and habits according to your own needs and problems. If the problem is more serious, it is recommended to consult the opinions and suggestions of a professional dermatologist.

Recommended products for men in skin care?

1. Biotherm water power three-piece set (about 500~ 600)

Biotherm water power new

Biotherm water power old

The main function is to moisturize and moisturize, regardless of skin type. Now it is a new version. The new version of the lotion has changed from the original 75 to 100ml in increments. A toilet bag is also sent, which is also good-looking and very convenient to give away. It is a series that Biotherm’s family is very popular.

2. Biotherm Men’s Blue Diamond Nourishing Series Firming Three-piece Set (about 1000)

New Packaging

Old Packaging

This one is also Biotherm’s, which increases the anti-wrinkle effect, so the price grade is a little higher. It is divided into old and new versions, and the new version of the lotion is also incremental than the old version.

3. Kiehl’s Men’s Three-piece Set (about 500~ 600)

Scientific Research Room Men’s Three-piece Set

Oil Control and Hydration, Refreshing and Moisturizing. Kiehl’s reputation is obvious to all, and it is still very cost-effective! Good reputation~

4. Houjun Gongchen Enjoy Men’s Set (about 400)

Three-piece set

Two-piece set

Divided into two-piece and three-piece sets, hydrating and moisturizing, refreshing and oil-controlling. Gift box, you can send your boyfriend to your elders~

5. Xuehuaxiu Men’s Set (about 400)

It is still mainly based on basic hydration and moisturizing. A men’s skin care set specially produced by Xuehuaxiu.

6. Fancl men’s water milk (about 3,400 in the local version)

The lotion is a three-in-one combination of water, lotion and essence, suitable for lazy men. Zero addition, so the capacity specification is very small. Try to use it within 60 days after opening. Babies remember this. The facial cleanser is also zero addition, which can shave foam, refreshing texture, very moisturizing and not tight.

7, sk2 men’s skin care set (local version of water facial cleanser 1300~ 1500 or so)

sk2 men’s cleansing water milk set

Needless to say, this is a high-end series of men’s skin care products, shrinking pores and moisturizing, giving people a tall and tall.

8, three three-piece set (about 1000)

three men’s three-piece set

The budget is limited. If you can’t afford to send sk2 and want to send a taller one, you can send three of this water milk. The whole set adds up to only about 1000. The key is very niche and the Japanese conscience brand does not follow the crowd. This brand is also zero addition, so feel free to use it. And the bottle body has a good texture, the glass bottle has a matte texture, and the taste is a little bit of Chinese herbal medicine, which is very unique. Relieve skin problems such as large pores, dry skin, oil and acne, etc. I suggest that if the budget is about 1000, you can give this away.

9. Shiseido men’s skin care three-piece set (about 600~ 700 in the local version)

Shiseido men’s three-piece set

This set of water milk has always had a good reputation. It is not very advertised, but it is very popular, and it is cost-effective. The main function is to moisturize and replenish moisture. It is recommended to buy the local version.

10. Pola cleansing water milk three-piece set (7,800):

pola men’s three-piece set

It is advanced again. The bottle body is very beautiful, the texture is refreshing, the moisture is replenished, and the water is locked and moisturized. Compared with the price of other pola products, the men’s skin care series is already very conscientious. You can only buy one single item in the women’s skin care series, so it is very cost-effective

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