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How can an 11-year-old girl have supple skin?

Rinse her face with cold water every morning, then apply a little pure milk evenly to her face (do not use facial cleanser), after a while, rinse off with cold water, your face will be white as snow in less than a week. It is best to put some white vinegar in cold water every night when washing your face, which will help whiten. Try not to go out at noon, because there is too much sunlight outside to avoid tanning.

skin care routine for 11 year girl

Most of the reasons for the quality of your skin have a lot to do with your daily routine, as well as personal age physiology.

Besides, you are still a girl, and your skin is not that bad

You should rest well sooner or later

It is best not to stay up late

Don’t use those special skin care products, it may not be suitable for you. Maybe you can’t use that product at your own age

How can an 11-year-old girl make her skin smooth and fair without skin care products?

Now in this environment with such poor air quality, it is impossible for you to make your skin smooth, delicate and bright without skin care products. Not all skin care products are harmful to the skin. Skin care products originally existed to protect the skin.

How to take care of the skin of an 11-year-old boy?

The various functions of the 11-year-old skin are not too perfect. Using skin care products may not only not have good results, but will hurt your tender skin. Cleansing facial cleansers will hurt your stratum corneum and sebaceous glands. Toner… Generally, excessive alcohol content can also hurt the skin. Lotion… Sunscreen… It is best to use some ingredients to replenish water. Daily advice is to pay attention to diet and work and rest. There is also the use of oil-controlling cleansing milk, pay attention to the cleansing of the face, and pat on oil-controlling toner after washing the face.

How to take care of the skin of an 11-year-old girl with acne on her face?

1 Girls’ skin needs special care, especially when facing acne problems, it needs more attention. 2 Acne problems are usually caused by excessive oil secretion from the skin, and it is necessary to keep the skin dry and clean. In addition, pay attention to a healthy diet and avoid excessive intake of oil and sugar. 3 It is recommended that girls wash their face with warm water every morning and evening, and do not use irritating facial cleansers. On the premise of keeping it dry, skin care products containing ingredients such as salicylic acid can be gently applied to acne to help reduce inflammation and reduce acne. 4 In addition, moderate exercise and sleep are also important ways to maintain skin health. Girls can strengthen exercise, so that the body and skin can get better rest and recovery.

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