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How can a newcomer in skin care product sales enter the industry quickly?

1. First of all, it is clear that you are not selling things, but customers are buying things.

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Salespeople, whether they are newcomers or veterans, will fall into a cognitive whirlpool, that is, rely on their rich spring tongue to impress customers. In fact, this is not the case. It is the customer’s original and long-standing willingness or desire to buy. Maybe under your charisma, he let go of some of the original rationality and let the sensibility take over, resulting in heartbeat and impulse, so your sales are completed. You just play the role of a catalyst. Therefore, no matter when and where, we must realize that it is the customer who is spending, not you who is selling.

In addition, when we fully develop this concept, we will reduce the pressure – the frustration caused by not being able to sell the product. All profit-making behaviors are voluntary behaviors of consumers, and do not depend on our sales ability, but on luck, which often produces a sense of happiness.

2. The two major psychology of customer consumption.

All customers or customers are willing to spend mainly due to two major consumer psychological effects. Grasping these two psychology can make it easy to be tactful in discourse and language.

First, the psychology of value for money, the so-called price-for-money psychology. When customers find that the services or products they buy are worth the money, they will form a false perception of “buying is earning”. In fact, businesspeople have no profits, and there is no one who can buy, only those who can sell. But after the horizontal comparison of congeneric products, consumers find that they have taken a small advantage, and then through the vertical comparison with similar consumers around them, they find that they seem to have taken a small advantage again; to sum up, small cheap small cheap = not small cheap. Therefore, you must let consumers have the upper hand in the sales process and form a sense of superiority in order to make your products easier to sell.

Second, the psychology of product service, the so-called enjoyment psychology. For example, many consumers are more willing to spend money on Apple and Huawei mobile phones. A brand with such a high premium has stood firm for many years. The reason is that customers enjoy not only the product itself, but also the products and services brought by labor. Apple’s quality and system, Huawei’s after-sales replacement and maintenance are convenient, etc., which invisibly brings customers a better product experience, which is not available in ordinary enterprises. For another example, some people would rather eat a mutton roll for 100 yuan a piece than a mutton roll for 10 yuan and 10 pieces. The reason is that customers not only enjoy eating, but also enjoy the environment and service. They need more high-quality add-ons to bring them a better experience.

3. The two basic skills necessary for sales.

Sales mainly requires two basic skills, namely professional cognition and eloquence.

Professional cognition is to have a comprehensive understanding of the products you sell, and the details must be clear. Since the vast majority of consumers do not understand, you do not know what strange, strange, and tricky questions they will ask. You can answer the wrong questions, but you must have a certain degree of professionalism, because the professional content has been verified for at least decades and is not completely reasonable. It is quite convincing. Therefore, you must understand your products in all directions, not only to highlight the advantages and advantages of the products, but also to enhance your trust in the hearts of consumers.

Being eloquent is eloquent. It is not required to export into a chapter, the important thing is to say what consumers like to hear. China’s current human society will not change much in two hundred years, so flattery is a point that sales Xiaobai must learn. To sell products, you must sell yourself, because the customer base brought by return customers and return customers is huge, and their spending power will make you quickly gain a foothold in this field.

4. The positive interaction between sellers and consumers.

The important thing in sales is the positive interaction between you and consumers.

Many sellers are very straightforward and directly ask what you want and what price you want. This is not wrong. It just leaves a bad impression on consumers at the beginning.

The products consumers want to buy and their final needs are all vaguely and implicitly expressed. Because they don’t want an irrelevant person to directly find out where their consumption bottom line is, and they don’t want to be forced to buy. “I want to buy it, not necessarily from you.” Therefore, it is key to gradually explore the other party’s needs and let him understand them in all directions.

5. Identify different types of customers.

You must be able to see people, learn to see who really want to buy, and who just look and understand. Only by accurately positioning customers can you save time and effort and increase your turnover rate. How to learn to identify, mainly from two types and four types.

Two categories: generally divided into active and passive categories.

Active categories are generally divided into two types. First, active buying type. Active telling needs are generally young men and women. This group of people either has a strong demand, or has long been optimistic, or is recommended by friends, so they directly shoot. For sales, this group of people is better served. Second, active inquiry type. Take the initiative to understand the product, but it is almost impossible to buy it. Generally, middle-aged men and middle-aged and elderly women are mostly middle-aged men. Most middle-aged men need to rely on experience and deliberate before starting. And middle-aged and elderly women need to manage the finances at home, and they need to shop around. Therefore, customers who take the initiative to inquire generally answer after asking, don’t get your hopes up.

Passive categories are generally divided into two types. First, passive understanding type. Generally, it is to see and study the goods by yourself. Generally, for elderly men, there will always be a process of curiosity and understanding of new things. Because they definitely don’t buy it, they don’t bother the salesperson to introduce it. Second, passive purchase type. This type is also to take a casual look first, and then immediately say the product you want to buy. This type is usually the boss, and less than 1/10,000 of the crowd. For people with a successful career, the idea of buying products is to see – understand – need – to make a move immediately.

6. Emotionally stable; calm down.

Since you are a salesperson, you will be facing the vast majority of working people, all kinds of people. It is common to be satirized, ridiculed, and disdained, so you must maintain a peaceful attitude in order to be better qualified for this job. This is the most important and the most difficult to achieve. A smooth and cunning person is shaped by such a bad society, and the wrong human experience

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