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How can a 35-year-old woman make her skin better?

A 35-year-old woman wants to improve her skin condition and can take the following measures

skin care routine over 35

1. Eat a balanced diet to ensure adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and protein, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and avoid excessive intake of greasy and high-sugar foods.

2. Drink plenty of water to keep your body well hydrated and help keep your skin hydrated and elastic.

3. Clean your face regularly every morning and evening with gentle cleansing products to remove dirt and cosmetic residues.

4. Use skin care products Choose skin care products that suit your skin type, such as moisturizers, antioxidant serums, etc., to help moisturize and repair the skin.

5. Sunscreen Use a sunscreen with sufficient sun protection index every day to avoid direct sun exposure to reduce skin aging and pigmentation.

The above measures can help improve the skin condition and keep the skin healthy and young.

How should a 35-year-old woman take care of her skin?

Simply clean the face, moisturize and brighten the complexion three times a week Mask

Do you have to use a water cream for 35-year-old skin care?

35-year-old skin can be treated with anti-aging treatment on the basis of basic moisturizing and sun protection. Since the skin loses a lot of water such as sodium hyaluronate after the age of 35 and ultraviolet radiation can cause skin aging, you can choose skin care products with anti-aging function while using water milk essence and other treatments.

It depends on what skin type your skin belongs to. For example, I have mixed oily skin, so I don’t need cream in summer, but only water milk. But in autumn and winter, because the weather is relatively dry, I will use water cream

But some people’s skin can also use cream in summer, such as dry skin. So you have to know what skin type you have.

How to maintain skin without wrinkles at the age of 35?

Can be used: Skin care products containing hyaluronic acid, ceramide, arbutin, collagen, vitamin E and other ingredients.

1. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is an acidic mucopolysaccharide, which can play a role in moisturizing and hydrating, and can also improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Therefore, skin with dry lines and fine lines at the age of 35 can use skin care products containing hyaluronic acid ingredients.

2. Ceramide

Ceramide is a naturally occurring lipid in the skin, which can play a role in repairing the skin barrier, and can also promote the metabolism of the skin and reduce the production of wrinkles. Therefore, people with dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines can use skin care products containing ceramide ingredients.

3. Arbutin

The main ingredient of arbutin is arbutin, which is a naturally occurring lipid in the skin. It can play an anti-aging, antioxidant role, and can also promote the metabolism of the skin and reduce the production of wrinkles.

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