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How can a 30-year-old woman take care of her skin? What should a 30-year-old woman take care of?

1. The skin loses elasticity

best skin care routine for women in their 30s

At a certain age, the epidermis of the skin will become thinner. Due to the decrease in the strength and elasticity of the connective tissue, the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands decreases, and the skin will dry and lose elasticity.

2. Skin is loose and pores are revealed

After a woman is 25 years old, the blood circulation of the skin begins to slow down, and the fat layer of the subcutaneous tissue also begins to become loose and lacks elasticity, resulting in a decrease in the tension between the pores, which makes the pores appear.

3. Wrinkles

With the growth of age, the loss and oxidation of collagen in the skin, the skin is dry and rough, and wrinkles will appear after a long time, especially at the corners of the eyes.

4. Long spots

Oxidation of the skin is an important reason for women to grow old. After the skin is oxidized, the skin cells will secrete a large amount of melanin, which will make the skin dull and generate pigmentation.

After a woman enters the age of 30, if she does not pay attention to maintenance, the skin will have the above conditions, so maintenance is the first priority of light and mature women. Come and take a look at the countermeasures.

In response to the above skin problems, it is recommended that a 30-year-old woman maintain five steps: hydration – antioxidant – firming the skin – detoxification – supplementing collagen

1, hydration

After the age of 30, the skin’s water retention capacity plummets, and the massive loss of moisture will cause problems such as dryness, roughness, and lack of elasticity. Therefore, the first priority of skin care is to hydrate.

Countermeasures: Light and mature women can deeply hydrate their skin by applying moisturizing masks often, or they can prepare a bottle of mineral spring spray in the office, and spray it when the skin feels dry. In addition, drinking chrysanthemum tea or rose tea is also a good way to hydrate the skin from the inside.

2. Antioxidant

The skin is oxidized, which will make it dull and produce pigmentation. Doing a good job of antioxidant work can avoid these appearances.

Countermeasures: You can use skin care products with antioxidant functions. Regular consumption of healthy foods is also a good way for women to antioxidant from the inside of the body. Usually, you should eat less meat and spicy and greasy foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

PS: Some pearl masks, ginseng masks and collagen masks have antioxidant properties and can also be used.

3. Firming the skin

Skin sagging is a precursor to aging, and fighting skin sagging is also an important part of 30-year-old women’s maintenance.

Countermeasures: Frequent lifting and massage of the facial skin can tighten the skin. It is also necessary to lift and massage the joints around the eyes, jaw and neck. It is recommended to wash the face alternately between hot and cold, and use skin care products with firming effect.

4. Detoxification

Long-term use of unqualified skin care products and bad living habits will make the skin dull, rough, and often oily. At this time, it indicates that the skin is “poisoned”.

Countermeasures: Fruit juice and vegetable juice are good detoxification foods, which can help the body excrete toxins. You can drink a glass of vegetable juice at breakfast. Drinking plenty of water is also a good way to detoxify. In addition, drinking more milk, pig blood soup and kelp can also help detoxify, as well as exercise detoxification.

5. Collagen to save the skin

Eat more collagen-rich foods, such as pig trotters, pork skin, fish skin, chicken skin, and rice oil on millet porridge is the most affordable food to supplement collagen.

If you don’t want your skin to go downhill, you must do these maintenance work first, and take good care of your skin, so as to continue the beauty and delay the speed of aging. There are more maintenance methods on the next page, don’t miss it.

Skin care products for 30-year-old women’s skin care methods

1. Products that increase recovery elasticity

After the age of 30, the skin slowly loses elasticity. The use of firming products can help restore skin elasticity. At the same time, develop the massage habit of pushing and rubbing from bottom to top, which can prevent the skin elasticity from weakening.

2. Use hyaluronic acid products

The moisturizing and water-locking effect of hyaluronic acid is very outstanding. It is a very good beauty habit to use products containing hyaluronic acid for finishing work. 3. Use functional eye cream

The skin in the eyes, corners of the mouth and forehead, such as Sichuan lines, is very easy to dry and prone to fine lines, so use eye cream containing vitamin energy and caviar protein to care for these parts.

4. Day and night cream

Only when the skin is moisturized can the normal operation of skin cells be guaranteed, so that the skin can resist aging. Day cream and night cream have strong moisturizing ability and can better moisturize the skin.

5. Timed exfoliation

Apply steam to the face once a week to soften the skin exfoliation, and then use low-irritation and mild exfoliation products with plant scrub ingredients to gently massage and exfoliate.

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