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How big is the Amazon giant sloth?

The Amazon sloth weighs about 3.6 to 7.7 kilograms and is about 60 to 80cm long.

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The Amazon giant sloth is extremely slow to move, and the sloth is extremely lazy. There are a total of two families and six species of sloth animals, which are found in the tropical rainforests of South and Central America. Although they grow similar, the difference is quite large. For example, two-toed sloths and three-toed sloths have only two toes on their forearms.

Amazon mythical beast?

1. The black caiman crocodile

The black caiman crocodile is much stronger in size and combat power than the Nile crocodile. The skull of the Nile crocodile cannot match the black caiman crocodile in terms of size and weight. The black caiman crocodile is the top predator in the waters of the Amazon River, and its bite force is extremely strong.

2. The green giant python

The length of the green giant python is very terrifying, it can reach up to nine meters in length, and the weight can reach up to 250 kilograms. The green giant python is very large in size, so it is also very strong. Although the green giant python is not toxic, its muscle strength is very strong.

3. Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Adult Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Adult Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Adult Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Although it looks very cute on the surface, its combat power is very strong, and

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