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How are the medical conditions in the Philippines?

Hello, Medical conditions in the Philippines are relatively good in urban areas, but may be more limited in rural areas and remote areas. Here is some important information about medical conditions in the Philippines:

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1. Infrastructure: Medical facilities are relatively good in large cities and major tourist areas, including modern hospitals, clinics and clinics. However, in rural areas and remote areas, medical facilities may be more limited and equipment and technology may not be advanced enough.

2. Medical Professionals: The Philippines has many well-trained doctors and nurses, some of whom have received further professional training abroad. Doctors in big cities tend to be more experienced and specialized, while there may be a shortage of medical professionals in rural areas.

3. Drugs and Pharmacies: Pharmacies and pharmacies in the Philippines are generally popular and can conveniently purchase common medicines and medicines. However, in some remote areas, pharmacies may not be fully stocked or undersupplied.

4. Medical Insurance: The Philippines operates a social medical insurance system called the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), and residents can obtain medical insurance by paying a fee. However, there are some limitations in the coverage and quality of the system.

5. Prices and Costs: Medical expenses in the Philippines are relatively low, especially when compared to Western countries. However, private medical services can be more expensive, while there may be queues for public medical services.

Overall, medical conditions in the Philippines are better in urban areas, but relatively limited in rural areas. If you plan to travel to the Philippines, it is recommended to purchase medical insurance and know the availability of local medical facilities in advance.

Eight Specialties of the Philippines?

Specialties of the Philippines are mainly dried mangoes, cigars, embroidery, wood carving, manila hemp, canned fish, baskets, coconut oil, handmade soap, pearls. The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia and has a developed tourism industry. Many people choose to go to the Philippines for vacation every year. The Philippines is rich in resources, whether it is biological resources or mineral resources, so it attracts more and more tourists.

1. Dried mangoes. Their dried mangoes, the mango flavor is not strong, sweet but not greasy.

2. Cigars. One of the origin of high-quality cigars, various models are available, with different names, and the outer packaging is different from ordinary tobacco.

3. Coconut oil. There are a lot of coconuts on the coast of the Philippines. Scientists extract them for oil.

4. Handmade soap. Flowers are made into essential oils, which are processed into soap, which has a fragrant taste and will last for a long time.

5. Embroidery. The embroidery there is also famous all over the world, especially handbags. It is woven with grass and embroidered with patterns. Whether it is handmade or patterned, the design is the upper layer.

6. Manila hemp. Manila hemp made of bags, cushions, etc., with a tone that conforms to the ethnic atmosphere, conservative and a little unrestrained.

7. wood carving. Wood carving is also famous in the world. Most of them are European style. The raw materials can be selected by yourself. Different wood prices are also different. The finished product is very creative.

8. canned fish. The Philippines has a wide variety of fish, and the canned fish made is also diverse. It is mainly cheap, which is several times different from the domestic price.

9. Baskets. There are many different natural materials, different baskets use different materials, and different uses have different weaving methods.

10. Pearls. Pearl jewelry merchants in many countries like to go to the Philippines to source pearls because they are cheap and fresh every day. There is a dizzying array of pearl jewelry.

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