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How about the nordstrom bag

, this bag belongs to a mid-range and low-grade bag. The workmanship of this bag is relatively fine, and its texture is also very good. The bag is all sheepskin, which is very soft and comfortable to the touch. The only thing it lacks is the zipper, which is not so delicate and a little not very good-looking, but the capacity of this bag is very large. If you go on a trip, you can pack some cosmetics, water glasses and other things. It is very convenient

best skin care routine st nordstrom

Where is a good shopping place in Seattle?

Gram markets, small boutiques, large outlets, luxury brand flagship stores and small shops with international flavors are all available, shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure. Take a stroll, Amoy Etao, and enjoy the happy life of shopping in Seattle.

Everyone loves fashion geeks


Where to choose the versatile styles of fashion brothers? How much thought should the beautiful fashion Muse spend on matching? Who will help you design the warm and fashionable styles in winter? Don’t worry, there are all kinds of the most fashionable fashion stores in downtown Seattle, the number one big name in the United States Macy’s general merchandise, the well-known local brand Nordstrom in Seattle, Tiffany jewelry and watches, and all kinds of specialty stores that can’t be visited in two days to meet your needs in clothing, accessories, bags, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. It is recommended to go to the Pacific Plaza (PacificPlace) and West Lake Center in the city center.

Niche boutiques are not unconventional


Everyone has their own opinions and analysis on fashion. After seeing the same matching on the street, can you get a little more chic color? The boutique shops in the northwest of Ballard District make it easy for you to get up. Ketch’s town is full of colorful clothing. Digs is the ideal choice for you to dress up your home. BallardConsignment, which covers an area of nearly 3,000 square meters, provides one-stop service from decoration to home. How can you miss Ballard District with a unique vision?

A paradise for art lovers


In Belton, Kuhlman, MooreaSeal and Sassafras are well-known local clothing stores. Unique designs and styles allow ordinary people to wear high-end clothes. Of course, Belton’s artistic atmosphere is even stronger. The extravagant Canlis and Seattle glass blowing studios, as well as various galleries and art stores, create new life inspiration and materials for you.

Exotic Food Street

Chinatown International District

Uwajimaya in Chinatown International District is full of Asian flavors. The shops combine Asian and American characteristics, and focus on displaying a variety of styles of home furnishings, decorations and handicrafts, including stationery, clothing, toys and kitchen utensils. For foodies, here is the most authentic Asian cuisine, pasta, sushi, barbecue, seafood, bringing you the same taste as your hometown.

Save money and be affordable


When buying and buying in Seattle, in addition to general merchandise malls, Outlets have also been favored by many small partners over the years. Good things such as big-name clothing, shoes, bags, beauty and sporting goods are discounted to the heart, and the price is much cheaper than in China. There is also quality assurance. There are many large Outlets around Seattle, which can be reached in about an hour by car or drive.

Not to be missed by souvenir lovers

Pike Place Market and Waterfront

Going out for a trip, many friends have already planned how to buy before they reach their destination! Especially those souvenirs with local characteristics and representative significance. In Seattle, the best places for souvenir lovers are Pike Place Market and Waterfront, with all kinds of jewelry, pottery, candles, and clothing made in Washington State (MadeinWashingtonState), coffee, jams, and chocolates. The shops in both places are very concentrated, and one by one is the best choice.

Seattle is not only a business-friendly and livable coastal town, but also the leading shopping destination in the Pacific Northwest. There are thousands of famous brands and niche trendy brands here, attracting you to “shop” at very attractive prices. If you haven’t scanned the goods in Seattle, according to our article, you can find special goods according to the map

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