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How about the configuration requirements of Fallout 76?

Dylan’s is good. It is the first brand to officially sell A cards in China. It has a history of 19 years. The recently released Dylan DVEILRX590 is very good. The workmanship is solid, the materials are luxurious, and the performance is unquestionable. All 3A masterpieces can run stably. Of course, this includes the game Fallout 76. If you want to play with the highest special effects, I think this graphics card is worth choosing. What is Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 is a massive multiplayer online game with the theme of surviving the apocalypse. The game is set in an overhead United States. Players need to explore, collect, create items, and interact with other players in a deserted world. The game is full of dangerous creatures and hostile forces. Players need to constantly improve their skills and equipment to survive in the world.

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The entire game style is dark and heavy. In a crisis-filled environment, players need to do their best to survive. The complexity of this world and the variety of gameplay make the game full of challenges and fun.

How does Fallout 76 unlock the frame number limit?

The limit of frame number can be solved by modifying the configuration file of the game, the specific method is as follows:

1, first please jump to the position of the following path, Username is modified according to your own situation:

C: Users*Username*DocumentsMyGamesFallout76

2, then open “Fallout76Prefs.ini” with Notepad;

3, search for “iPresentInterval = 1”, and use the tea residue function of ctrl f;

4, change “1” to “0”, like this: iPresentInterval = 0;

5, and finally save.

How to set the radiant 76 screen to be comfortable?

Personal tastes are different, but generally the following can be adjusted to make the picture more comfortable: 1. Brightness: Set the brightness to a comfortable level. If it is too high or too low, it will affect the visual effect. 2. Saturation: Moderately increasing the saturation can make the picture more vivid, but too high may cause visual fatigue. 3. Contrast: Setting the contrast to a moderate degree can make the picture clearer, but too high or too low will affect the visual effect. 4. Resolution: Choose the appropriate resolution according to your computer configuration and preferences. High resolution will make the picture clearer but more loaded. 5. Tone: Choosing the right tone can make the picture softer or clearer, and different players can choose according to their preferences. In general, the screen settings of Fallout 76 are still relatively flexible and can be adjusted according to their own preferences.

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