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How about the Alcohol FD series of cat food?

The Alcohol FD series of cat food is a high-quality cat food made with advanced low-temperature freeze-drying technology, which can retain the nutrients and taste in the cat food. The main ingredients of this series of cat food are high-quality fish meat and protein, which can provide cats with sufficient protein and essential fatty acids to meet the nutritional needs of cats. The Alcohol FD series of cat food is delicious and easy to digest, and is deeply loved and trusted by cat parents. In addition, this series of cat food does not contain artificial colors and preservatives, making it a very healthy choice. If you want to buy cat food for your cat, you can consider the Alcoholic FD series, but be careful to choose the right cat food according to the cat’s age, weight and health.

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Is it normal for a cat to eat 5kg of cat food in 25 days?

How much cat food a cat eats per day should be calculated according to the cat’s weight.

Each cat food package has a recommended feeding amount, which can be fed according to the cat’s weight

5.5 kg of cat food, normally eat 70-80 grams of cat food a day, and only about 2.5 kg of cat food a month

It is definitely not normal to eat 5 kg of cat food a month. Is the cat food bad, the meat content is low, and the nutrition is not enough? Cats will eat more

It is recommended to choose a better cat food

Is ten catties of cat food a month normal?

It depends on how many cats in the family eat it. If it is two to three cats, it is basically normal, but if it is a cat, it is very abnormal and unscientific. A cat can eat four to five catties of cat food a month. If you eat too much, it is easy to cause excessive fat, which is not good for the cat’s body.

How much is 120 grams of cat food?

is about 0. 24 pounds. Because 1 pound is equal to 454 grams, 120 grams of cat food is about 0.264 pounds. Cat food packages usually indicate the weight, but different brands of packaging units may be slightly different. For example, some are measured by pounds, and some are measured by kilograms. To properly feed cats, you need to understand the weight unit on each brand’s packaging and feed according to the recommended feeding amount on the packaging. At the same time, you should reasonably adjust the feeding amount according to the cat’s body shape, age, activity level and other factors to maintain their healthy weight.

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