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How about Neutrogena skin care products?

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neutrogena daily skin care routine

Neutrogena’s hydrating series is his ace product. It has always been claimed to be the effect of the open-shelf price counter, and the reputation is also very good. Regarding your appeal, I think the most important thing now is to cure Doudou first, because most too nutritious hydrating products will cause Doudou to aggravate, so it is necessary to choose a light water. Since Mm likes Neutrogena’s stuff, I recommend you a “Neutrogena Qingying Conditioning Water”. This conditioning water is mainly developed for oily skin and Doudou. When used with Neutrogena’s “Qingying Cleansing Soap”, it will greatly improve acne. It is best to use his “Neutrogena Qingying Acne Condensation” after using the water. The effect will be better.

However, this Qingying series is mainly aimed at oily skin and acne. It contains irritating ingredients such as alcohol and salicylic acid, which should not be used for a long time, otherwise the skin will become sensitive. So Mm is better to choose a milder softener and condensation after the acne is gone. Only in this way can dry skin be conditioned from the inside out. Because I don’t know the specific condition of your skin, I can’t recommend it here! If you need something else, you can add the skin condition, and I will try my best to help you refer to it!

I hope my answer can help you.

Where is the brand of Neutrogena?

Brand in Shenzhen

The brand and company of Shenzhen HP Industrial Co., Ltd. was established on March 26, 2014. The registered place is 603, No. 6, Lane 3, South District, Jute Fabu Community, Hangcheng Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen. The legal representative is Zou Dianjian. The business scope includes the general business items are: electronic products, computer software and hardware, office supplies, security products, digital products, radio and television equipment, clothing, toys, daily general merchandise, household appliances, measuring instruments, adult products, health care products, sales of a class of medical apparatus.

Zhengzhou Where can I buy Neutrogena skin care products of this brand?

Watsons in Carrefour, North Ring!

The difference between Neutrogena cream and essence?

The cream will be thicker and heavier. The main function of the oil is to moisturize, while the essence contains more nutrients, more refreshing, and more functional. The essence focuses on maintenance, the texture is relatively light, and the upper face does not have a heavy and greasy feeling;

The cream focuses on locking water, its molecules are relatively large, which can help the skin retain moisture, so it is placed in the last layer of skin care.

In many categories of skin care products, everyone can have less, but the cream cannot be less, because it can provide a natural protective film for the skin!

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