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How about happy100 full-price double-parcel cat food?

happy100 full-price double-parcel cat food is good.

pedigree weight management dog food reviews

This happy100 is the main cat food specially supplied by Zhongpet Co., Ltd., which is cost-effective. However, the outer packaging is a little tacky and cheap, and the design has a big problem. I have bought this cat food for more than two years. The cat at home eats it from small to large, and it costs 26 yuan for 2 kilograms. I think the cost performance is very high.

Zhongpet Co., Ltd. is the largest listed company producing cat food and dog food in China, and the product quality is world-class. As a listed company, sales data can be found.

In 2019, 80% of Zhongpet’s operating income of 1.70 billion yuan was export income. As one of the pioneers of China’s overseas pet feed OEM, Zhongpet’s strength is beyond doubt in the world. In fact, many of the overseas cat food and dog food that the domestic mainstream pursues faith are OEM produced by domestic enterprises. You must know that China is the world’s largest OEM production place for pet goods. It’s just that the raw materials of overseas brands and domestic brands are different, and the raw materials of overseas brands are better and more expensive.

Wappy100 is low-end cat food, but the quality cannot tolerate sand, so it is absolutely guaranteed. Wappy100 focuses on German technology production and high chicken content. German technology is not a blow. The current fifth factory is a joint venture with German Vitakraft Company, which is made in Germany with authentic blood. Chicken powder dares to label 60%, which is different from the false propaganda of many brands that advertise their high chicken and fish content, but dare not label the proportion. It can be seen that Zhongpet is confident in product quality.

Among low-end cat food, I highly recommend wappy’s happy100. Zhongpet’s strength and quality can be trusted.

How about good dog food?

Good dog food has been going all the way to the present, always paying attention to the life needs of pets, and paying attention to their needs for nutrition and health. For pets of different breeds, different lineages, and different ages, tailor-made unique nutritional formulas, beautiful hair formulas, etc.

This product is sold in most supermarkets, has a certain brand influence, and the price is low. It is a commodity grain

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