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How about evo cat food?

evo cat food is actually not bad, but it is too expensive.

evo weight management cat food

EVO California natural cat food, the taste is not much, the price is more expensive, but the palatability is good, cats prefer to eat it, and it has the effect of beautiful hair and fattening. However, because the meat content of cat food is very good, cats with sensitive stomachs should not eat it, and it is easy to diarrhea. It is really easy to diarrhea. I have tested it myself, wasting 500 oceans. And cat food is more expensive!

Why did evo cat food stop production?

evo was acquired by Weijia, because EVO is too conscientious to affect Weijia.

Lingcai EVO will be discontinued in March 2018, the reason is: “production costs are getting higher and higher”

areyoukiddingme? Then why not adopt a price increase strategy but directly stop production?

The news directly given by Mars shocked some loyal consumers, and they were at a loss. They had no choice but to change to another brand of food for the master. In order to give the master a healthy and cost-effective pet food, it can be said that they took great pains.

Lingcai EVO was acquired by Mars in 2014. In 2016, its Luhua series was discontinued. Recently, it was the turn of EVO and CaliforniaNatural series. Due to the excellent reputation of Lingcai, the reason for the discontinuation is really surprising.

How about Langshi’s cat food?

Really average. 1. Use natural food as much as possible 2. The most popular safe commodity food, Development Treasure, Lat Lat 3. The most popular entry-level natural food, Lanxia, Snow Mountain, Surigao 4. The most popular mid-to-high-end natural food, Formo, Lanjue, WellnessCore, Now, EVO, GO! Desire 5. Now the line price of cat food is low

kitten cat food recommendation?

1. WDJ recommends the top ten cat food in the United States – Lingcai cat food, natural food, about 60 yuan/catty. Among the top ten cat food in the United States, its three sub-brands are ranked first, second and fourth, followed by Lingcai Luhua EVO, Lingcai Luhua, and Lingcai California Natural. There are not many flavors and the price is relatively expensive. But the palatability is very good. However, due to the high meat content in cat food, cats with sensitive stomachs are not suitable for eating and are prone to diarrhea.

2. Cat food with high vegetarian strength, natural food, about 20 yuan/catty. The ingredients do not contain allergens such as soybean, wheat and corn, nor do they contain salt, sugar and animal fat. The palatability is good. The main ingredient of mutton is not suitable for cats with gastrointestinal sensitivity. It has acidification and can prevent stones.

3. WDJ recommends the top ten cat foods in the United States – Meiji cat food, natural food, about 30 yuan/catty. One of the top ten cat foods in the United States, the taste is relatively single, and it is divided into kittens. It is more respected in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the evaluation is relatively high. The palatability is also very good, and cats like it very much. Gastrointestinal sensitive cats are also very suitable. At a price similar to that of the royal family, parents who can eat the royal family should definitely choose it. The ingredients cannot be said to be much better, it must be much better than the royal family. Overall, it can be regarded as a balanced and cost-effective food in all aspects of price palatability.

4. WDJ recommends the top ten cat foods in the United States – Kirby cat food, natural food, about 24 yuan/catty. One of the top ten cat foods in the United States, there is only one flavor. The palatability is not good, and many cats do not like to eat it. Others seem to have no shortcomings. Kirby is ultimately a matter of palatability and preservation. The granules are I-shaped, and some people say it is easy to break, which I don’t feel (but Kirby is very cost-effective).

5. WDJ recommends the top ten cat foods in the United States – avocado cat food, natural food, the taste is not very much, about 35 yuan/catty. The palatability is very good. Cats prefer to eat it. It has the effect of beautifying hair and fattening. It does not contain preservatives and is suitable for cats with gastrointestinal sensitivity. A little oil, long-term consumption may cause folliculitis.

6. Hills cat food, natural food, about 55 yuan/catty. There are not many flavors, and the price is more expensive than snow-capped mountains. The ordinary food of Hills cat food is average and has no characteristics, but the prescription food is its best. The body is relatively poor. Cats in the recovery period after illness and illness eat well.

7. WDJ recommends the top ten cat food in the United States – snow mountain cat food, natural food, about 19 yuan/catty. One of the top ten cat food in the United States, the taste is not very much. It is characterized by being prepared by professional nutritionists, and it is rich in nutrients. It uses fresh chicken and fresh duck meat for human consumption as the main material. The palatability is average, and the price is relatively high. It is best not to eat cats with bad stomach. It is said that eating may pull blood. Snow mountains are relatively cost-effective in natural grains. Although the materials used are cheaper than other types, the supply of glaciers is relatively stable. The key is to pay attention to buying licensed goods from glaciers. Natural grains are easy to deteriorate.

8. Chicken soup cat food, natural food, about 24 yuan/catty. One of the top ten cat foods in the United States, with few flavors, divided into kittens into cats. The negative news of chicken soup cat food has been endless in recent years. The manufacturer has changed, the quality is not as good as before, and the kittens and puppies have been eaten to death, and they have been recalled many times. Some cat friends said that after eating chicken soup cat food, the cat vomited very seriously.

9. Mori dog, natural food, about 30 yuan/catty., The top 10 natural cat foods in the United States, the materials are advanced and fresh, promote low urinary pH, assist in removing hairballs, and are specially designed for carnivorous feline diets. No preservatives, no pigments and monosodium glutamate, no meat by-products, and no grains that cause skin and stomach sensitivity, making cats healthier.

10. Ochis cat food, organic and natural food, about 31 yuan/catty. It is an all-natural organic dry food from the United States, and more than 70% of the materials are organic food. It was selected as the best new cat food in 2003 by CATFANCYMAGAZINE. The ingredients and materials fully meet and exceed the nutritional standards set by AAFCO, and have obtained an organic certificate issued by OCIA. The taste is relatively simple, the palatability is good, and cats like it very much. Gastrointestinal sensitive cats are also very suitable

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