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Homemade cat food recipe 5kg?

1. Nutritionally balanced homemade cat rice formula

simply nourish weight management cat food

1. Pay attention to the proportion of ingredients:

Meat: 85-95%, meat (including heart): chicken, duck, pig, cow, rabbit, deer, etc. It is recommended to choose 1-2 kinds of meat each time

Heart: 10-15%, chicken heart, duck heart, rabbit heart, beef heart, etc.

Seafood: 3%, green shellfish or dried sea rainbow

Fish: 10%, green fish, autumn saury, cod, mackerel, salmon

(seafood should not be eaten too much, it is easy to cause allergies, shrimp The class contains high phosphorus, which is easy to cause kidney burden)

Liver: 5-10%, chicken liver, duck liver, pig liver, beef liver, rabbit liver, etc.

2. Additional nutrients

per 500 grams of cat rice: add 3g eggshell powder or calcium carbonate, 2g taurine (enough for the heart to be added), half a tablet of potassium iodide (enough for sea fish to be added); one tablet of vitamin E per week, one tablet of vitamin B every two days

The owner can steam an egg (containing egg white) for the master every week, which can supplement the cat with protein, which is also good for the hair.

2. Precautions for homemade cat food

1. The owner cannot tamper with the cat food recipe at will, so as not to cause the cat to suffer from malnutrition.

2. The ingredients required for buying cat rice must be guaranteed to be fresh. The spoiled meat will only

5. Cut the ingredients into pieces in proportion, crush them with a meat grinder, freeze them in separate packages, and steam them each time.

6. Cat rice is best steamed to retain the maximum nutrients.

3. Feeding amount and frequency of cat rice

Kittens: less than 4 months old, feeding amount accounts for 10% of body weight; with age, it gradually decreases, accounting for 6% -10% of body weight

Adult cats: feeding amount accounts for 3% -4% of body weight

Kittens need to eat small and multiple meals, it is best to divide it into 3-4 meals a day, adult cats 2-3 meals, eating too much at one time is easy to soft stools and diarrhea.

4. The benefits of homemade cat rice

1. Simple cooking method, low salt and low oil combination, balanced nutrition, delicious and nutritious for cats.

2. There are no artificial colors, food inducers and preservatives added to cat food.

3. The ingredients are safe and can ensure the freshness of the raw materials of cat food.

4. The moisture content of cat food is very low. When cats eat cat food, they can increase their intake of water.

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