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History of L’Oréal?

L’Oréal is a French cosmetics company founded in 1907. Here’s an overview: 1907: Eugene Schulaire founded the French company Harmless Hair Dye, which was the precursor to L’Oréal. 1909: The company changed its name to L’Oréal and began manufacturing and selling a wide range of beauty products. 1939: L’Oréal went public in France. 1957: L’Oréal entered the premium cosmetics market with the acquisition of Lancôme. 1963: L’Oréal expanded its share of the skincare market with the acquisition of Garnier. 1970s: L’Oréal began to expand globally and established production sites in the United States, Europe, and Asia. 1989: L’Oréal acquires Maybelline, further expanding its share in the cosmetics market. 1996: L’Oréal enters the Chinese market, becoming one of the first international cosmetics companies to enter the country. 2000s: L’Oréal continues to expand globally and acquires a number of well-known brands such as Helena, Giorgio Armani and Kiehl’s. 2013: L’Oréal becomes the largest cosmetics company in the world. Today: L’Oréal has more than 80 brands worldwide, with products covering areas such as cosmetics, skin care products, hair products and fragrances. Overall, it is a process of constant innovation, expansion and acquisition that has made it one of the leaders in the global cosmetics industry.

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The world’s top ten high-end skin care products list?

1, Polaroid POLA

Japanese high-end cosmetic brand, the world’s top ten skin care products, established in 1946, one of the four major flowers in the Japanese makeup industry. Polaroid is currently recognized by the medical community as the discoverer of the most effective whitening ingredient – Luxin, and it is combined with the whitening product WhiteShot, which is popular in Japan. In addition, Polaroid proposed a new generation of anti-aging theory, developed the BA series that shocked the cosmetic industry, and has since ushered in the era of dermal beauty.

2. Laprairie

Founded in 1978, the Swiss lady skin care brand is famous for its unique “cell therapy system” in the world, dedicated to improving skin aging problems. The core ingredient in each product, cell essence, combines more than 100 kinds of cellular nutrition nourishment systems with the same nutrients as human skin, as well as protein combinations and plant extracts, which can promote skin metabolism, prevent and improve aging.

3. Decorte Cosme

Decorte Japan’s top skin care and makeup brand, lady skin care products rank among the top three. Founded in 1970, it belongs to Kose, one of the three major cosmetics manufacturers in Japan. Deco is known for her penetration technology and advocates the maintenance concept of “lotion first”, using lotion first and then makeup water.

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