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High School Entrance Examination Sports BMI Standard 2021?

In recent days, many parents have asked the teacher about the sports height and weight scoring standard. Here is a unified answer for everyone. The original score of the high school entrance examination sports is 60 points, of which the height and weight standard score accounts for 5 points. The teacher will calculate the student’s body mass index through the formula and grade it.

3.07 body size and weight management unit exam

Calculation formula: body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg)/square of height (m2) Height is accurate to 0.01 meters, and weight is accurate to 0. 1 kg, body mass index (BMI) is accurate to 1 decimal place

After understanding the calculation method, let’s take a look at the data range of a height and weight scoring standard in previous years, and grasp the direction in advance.

Body measurement height and weight full score formula?

Body measurement standard height and weight formula is weight (Kg)/height square (m). Standard height and weight is one of the important indicators to reflect and measure a person’s health status.

Being overweight and underweight is not good for health and will not give people a sense of fitness. A large number of statistical materials of different body types show that the ideal and simple indicators to reflect normal weight can be expressed by the relationship between height and weight.

BMI index, which is a number obtained by dividing the number of kilograms of body weight by the square of the number of meters of height, is a standard commonly used in the world to measure the degree of fat and thinness of the human body and whether it is healthy. When we need to compare and analyze the health effects of a person’s weight on people of different heights, BMI value is a neutral and reliable indicator.

How much did you pass the height and weight test?

Body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg)/height (m) ^ 2

Body mass index is standard weight (kg) = height (cm) -105. The actual weight is normal within ± 10% of the standard weight calculated according to the formula, more than 20% is obese, 20% -30% is mildly obese, 30% -50% is moderately obese, and more than 50% is severely obese.

For example: a girl is 1.6m tall and weighs 50kg, then the standard weight is:

Body mass index (BMI) = 50/1. 6 ^ 2 = 50/2. 56 = 19.53.

2. The body mass index is the standard weight (kg) = 160-105 = 55.

The body mass index (BMI) of male college students ranges from 17.9 to 23.9. The body mass index (BMI) of female college students ranged from 17.2 to 23.9.

1. Standard weight:

Male: (height cm-80) × 70% = standard weight

Female: (height cm-70) × 60% = standard weight

Standard weight plus or minus 10% is normal weight

Standard weight plus or minus 10%~ 20% is overweight or underweight

Standard weight plus or minus 20% is obesity or underweight

Overweight calculation formula

Overweight% = [ (actual weight – ideal weight)/(ideal weight) ] × 100%

Second, standard height :

1, male height = birth length (cm) ÷ 0.2949; female height = birth length (cm) ÷ 0.3109. Note with this formula: only for normal full-term newborns; if the measurement of length data can be accurate to 0. 1 cm, the prediction of height will be more accurate.

2, male height = 3 years old height × 0. 545 average height of parents × 0. 544 37.69 (cm); female height = 3 years old height × 0. 545 average height of parents × 0. 544 25. 63 (cm), human body standard height prediction formula (genetic law)

male height = (father height mother height) × 1.0 8 ÷ 2 (cm)

female height = (father height × 0.923 mother height) ÷ 2 (cm)

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