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hfp The correct way to use fruit acid water and milk?

Fruit acid water and milk are usually used for skin care. Here is how to use it correctly:

step by step procedure of skin care routine

1. Cleansing the face: First, clean the face with warm water and cleansing products, then gently dry it with a soft towel.

2. Using fruit acid water: Pour an appropriate amount of fruit acid water on a cotton pad, then gently pat it on the face. Can avoid the eye and mouth area. Fruit acid water helps to remove dead skin cells, even out skin tone and reduce fine lines.

3. Using lotion: After the fruit acid water is absorbed, take an appropriate amount of lotion and apply it to the face and neck, then gently massage it with the pulp of your fingers until absorbed. The lotion is able to moisturize the skin, lock in moisture and increase shine.

4. Pay attention to the order of use: Fruit acid water is usually used after cleansing, and then the lotion is used. Fruit acid water can sometimes cause skin sensitivity, so when you first start using it, you can try a small part first and observe the skin reaction.

5. Frequency of use: When using fruit acid water for the first time, it is recommended to use it 1-2 times a week, and gradually increase it to daily use. After using fruit acid water and lotion, if you need to go out, please apply sunscreen in time.

Hope the above answer is helpful to you! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Correct washing order for girls?

Method/Steps Read step by step



Step 1: Makeup remover (at night)

After going home at night, use a cotton pad dipped in an appropriate amount of makeup remover to wipe off the makeup on your face. If the makeup is thick, you can emulsify it with makeup remover oil and clean it off.



Step 2: Wash your face

After getting up in the morning or after removing makeup at night, you can wash your face with a facial cleanser. Rub a rich foam with your hands or a foaming net and apply it to your face. Wash your face in circles from inside to outside and from bottom to top, and then rinse off the foam on your face with warm water.



Step 3: Lotion

After washing your face, you should take care of your skin immediately. Dip an appropriate amount of lotion with a cotton pad or pat it directly on your face.



Step 4: Facial Essence

Put two or three drops of the essence on a clean palm and rub it evenly, gently tap it on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, preferably with Zhenyang Water Light Essence, which has a good hydrating effect, and then slowly apply the whole face from the inside out.



Step 5: Eye Cream

Take a little rice-sized eye cream with your ring finger, gently point it on the skin around the eyes in the order from outside to inside, and take the finger method of playing the piano to press to promote the absorption of the eye skin.



Step 6: Lotion/Cream

After the eye cream is absorbed, take an appropriate amount of lotion on the pulp of the fingers. After applying it to the face, use the pulp of the fingers of both hands to gently push the lotion evenly. After pushing it away, massage it properly, which is conducive to skin absorption. The lotion is suitable for oily or oily skin, and the cream is suitable for dry skin.



Step 7: Sun Protection/Isolation

This last step is the last step of daytime skin care, if it is night, it is not needed. Choose sunscreen or barrier cream to apply to the face to reduce the damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun when going out.

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