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Height and weight standard boys?

There are many formulas for calculating the standard weight of adults, and the calculation formulas are also different for different genders. The formula for calculating the standard weight of men is standard weight = (centimeters of height -80) × 70% = 70%. For example, for boys with a height of 173cm, the standard weight is (173-80) × 70% = 65.1kg. The standard weight is normal within plus or minus 10%, more than 10% of the standard weight is overweight, more than 20% is obese, 10% below the standard weight is thin, and less than 20% is thin.

weight management for men

There is also a simple formula for calculating the standard weight of an adult. The method is that the number of kilograms of the standard weight = the number of centimeters of height -105, for example, the height is 173cm. Use this formula to calculate the standard weight of 173-105 = 68kg.

How much is the weight of a boy at 1.78 meters?

The normal weight of a boy at 1.78 meters should be between 130 and 70 kilograms. Of course, it is normal for a student to lose about 60 kilograms. Of course, this refers to generally normal. Due to different personal constitutions, everyone’s weight and height ratio are not the same. In fact, no matter what the height and weight are, as long as you are healthy! Personal opinions do not like to spray!

Golden weight ratio for boys?

Standard weight calculation formula for men = (height cm-100) x0. 9 (kg)

The golden ratio formula for the human body is as follows:

1. Weight: height (cm) -112. It is best to reduce it by another 5%!

2. Waist circumference: height (cm) × 0. 37.

3. Chest: height (cm) × 0. 53.

4. Hip: height (cm) × 0. 54.

5. Arm: wrist (cm) × 1. 7.

6. Thighs: Height (cm) × 0. 26 7. 8.

7. Calves: Height (cm) × 0. 18.

8. Ankle: Calf (cm) × 0. 59.

Both men and women have the right to pursue beauty. When we watch TV, we always cheer for the figure of the male and female stars inside, which is the dream of many people.

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