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Height 190 Weight 210 What kind of motorcycle to ride?

Suitable for choosing a more stable large-displacement motorcycle, 3090ABS or GS1250 are good choices. They have a solid body and a solid chassis, which is very suitable for big riders. Come and choose a motorcycle of your own, the feeling of speed is waiting for you!

harley street weight management

Can 165 ride Harley Double Lights?

165 can ride Harley Double Lights. Harley Double Lights is a motorcycle model, and 165 refers to a person who is 165 cm tall. Height is not the only factor that determines whether to ride a motorcycle, so a person of 165 cm can ride Harley Double Lights. Riding a motorcycle requires choosing a suitable model based on factors such as an individual’s height, weight, and driving skills. Harley Double Lights is a large motorcycle that usually requires a certain height and physical strength to control. For people with a height of 165 cm, riding Harley Double Lights may require some adaptation and adjustment, such as adjusting the seat height, foot pedal position, etc., to ensure comfort and safety. In addition, riding a motorcycle also requires certain driving skills and experience, including skills such as balance, turning, braking, etc. Therefore, people with 165 cm can ride Harley Double Lights if they have sufficient driving skills and adaptability.

Is 1.7 meters suitable for riding Harley Road Gliding?

1. Not suitable for 2. Because Harley road gliding requires the rider to have a high height and weight to maintain balance and stability. And the height of 1.7 meters is relatively short, it may not be able to achieve the ideal riding posture and control, and it is easy to affect the safety and handling performance. 3. If you are short but still interested in Harley road gliding, you can consider choosing other motorcycle types suitable for height, or make some modifications and adjustments to improve the comfort and safety of riding.

What motorcycle to ride with a large weight?

You can choose 22 Suzuki UY models, the price is 10380-10580.

Suzuki super core engine, the maximum power is 6. 9KW/7000, maximum torque 10Nm/6000, with box without bar. Open front cargo box, large driving space, curb weight 112Kg, body length 2.03 meters, seat cushion length 67 cm, 2A fast charging USB interface, LCD screen, new rear tail light, improves the problem of large seams on the previous shell and water ingress in the tail box, and also improves the flexibility of control. Fuel tank volume 6 liters, comprehensive fuel consumption 2.1 liters, equipped with front and rear Tengsen semi-hot melt anti-skid tires, good anti-skid effect and improved safety.

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