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Height 174 Weight 52.5 kg What size top do you wear?

Answer: Height 174 Weight 52.5 kg What size top do you wear?

ultra lean advanced weight management

I will answer this question. This figure is considered an ultra-thin body type. Correctly speaking, a medium size is fine. If you wear a large size, you are a little too fat, because this body type is a bit ultra-thin, so it is not suitable for a large size. My answer is over. I hope my answer can help you. Thank you for watching. Goodbye

8548 kg Fat?

Height 170, which is 1. 7 meters, weight 48 kg, not fat, very thin, can’t go on like this, we must pay attention to strengthen nutritional supplementation, otherwise it will be very bad for our body in the long run.

In addition to the normal diet of three meals a day, you can drink more milk, goat milk powder, eat some nutritious food, do not be picky eaters, or do not eat staple foods, you can eat some small snacks and fruits appropriately.

Height 1.87, weight 93 kg, fat or thin?

Answer: A girl’s height minus 100CM is normal weight! That is: 155CM-100CM = 55KG Then you are super thin. Standard weight calculation formula for people Standard weight (kg): ① Height> 165cm: Height (cm) -100 Height <165cm: Height (cm) -105 (male) Height (cm) -100 (female) ② Northerners = (height cm-150) × 0. 650 Southerners = (height cm-150) × 0. 648 Children: Standard weight method: #Standard weight = Age × 2 8 (7~ 16 years old) #Mild obesity: 20%~ 30% over standard weight #Moderate obesity: 40%~ 50% over standard weight #Severe obesity: 50% over standard weight BMI method: #Body mass index = weight (kg) ÷ square of height (m) = kg/m2

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