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Height 1.75 meters, weight 105 or so, which model should I buy clothes online? M?………..

175 people, women are suitable for wearing XXL size clothes, men are suitable for wearing XL size clothes. Clothes for women: S = 155 = small, M = 160 = medium, L = 165 = large, XL = 170 = plus size, XXL = 175 = plus size XXXL = 180 = plus size Clothes for men: S = 160 = small, M = 165 = medium, L = 170 = large, XL = 175 = plus size, XXL = 180 = plus size XXXL = 185 = plus size There are currently two types of clothing:

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One is S (small), M (medium), L (large), XL (large), XXL (large);

The other is the form of height plus bust, such as 160/80A, 165/85A, 170/85A, etc The first type of labeling is not standardized. Whether it is domestic clothing or imported clothing, the model must be marked according to China’s clothing model standard GB/T1335, and the English letters can only be used as auxiliary codes. In the national standard GB/T1335, the size of women’s tops S (small) is 155/80A; M (medium) is 160/84A; L (large) is 165/88A. “Size” refers to the length of the clothing, and “shape” refers to the fat and thin of the clothing. Such as 165/88A, the numbers before and after the slash represent the height of the human body and the chest or waist circumference of the person, and the letters behind the slash represent the body shape characteristics of the person. Type Y refers to the body shape with a large chest and a thin waist. Type A represents the general body shape, type B represents the slightly fat body shape, and type C represents the fat body shape. The way to distinguish the body shape is to look at the chest circumference minus the waist circumference.

72.5 kg What size pants do you wear?

Under normal circumstances, 72.5 kg girls should wear XXL size pants, and 72.5 kg boys should wear XL size pants.

Choosing pants should not only depend on weight, height is also an important factor. Below 1.6 meters, but the height is 72.5 kg, it is estimated that you have to wear XXXL size pants. If it is about 1.6 meters, the XXL pants are more than enough. If it is about 1.7 meters, the XXL size pants are enough to wear.

Measurement method of the size of each part of the pants:

1. Waist circumference of the pants

Measure one week at the waist seam on both sides; Net waist circumference: Measure one week at the thinnest part of the waist on the outer edge of the single pants, and add the size as needed.

2. The hip circumference of the pants

is from the waist down, and the lateral circumference of the widest part of the pants is measured for one week; the net hip circumference: balance the circumference along the fullest part of the hips for one week, and add relaxation as needed.

3. The length of the pants

is the distance from the waist down to the bottom edge of the pants; the length of casual pants and jeans does not include the foot welt, and the foot welt is reserved for 3-4CM long for self-use.

4. Net trouser length

The distance from the waist to the actual edge of your trousers; the standard measured length of men’s net trouser length is at the junction of the upper and sole of the leather shoe.

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