Weight management

Health Qigong Instructor Certificate Registration Requirements?

First, interest is the best teacher.

diploma obesity and weight management

A love for fitness can guide you to become an excellent fitness instructor.

Second, a good physical fitness is also essential.

Being a fitness instructor can be said to be a physical exercise. High-intensity class frequency and movement demonstration are also unbearable without a good physical fitness.

Third, everyone’s most concerned issue.

Regarding height, weight, education, etc., in fact, the threshold for fitness instructors is not high. As long as the height is normal, such as men 165 and women 155, there must be no problem. Regarding weight, as long as you are not particularly fat or particularly thin, you can follow up with a period of practice to achieve a standard body shape. At present, there is no express regulation on academic qualifications.

Fourth, tenacious perseverance is the touchstone of this industry.

This high-paying job requires corresponding effort and persistence. During the learning process and textual research stage, you must adapt yourself to high-intensity exercise, training, and the study and absorption of theoretical knowledge such as sports anatomy, sports physiology, sports nutrition, etc., and perhaps endure the discomfort caused by muscle soreness every night.

Fifth, skilled business ability and communication skills are the embodiment of your value and the guarantee of high income.

Taking private lessons, formulating training plans according to the different demands of different people, and patiently guiding are all manifestations of your business ability.

What education do models have?

Models do not have academic requirements. The specific requirements are as follows: Requirements: First, the models are divided into flat models and runway models. Flat models are engaged in magazine shooting, TV advertising, etc. There are no strict requirements for height. Women are above 160 and men are above 175. However, the requirements for image, proportion, and mirror feel are relatively high; the catwalk models are mainly the catwalk clothing display, and the display of other accessories, which is biased towards on-site display, so the height requirements are higher, the international standard is 180 plus or minus 2 (female), the domestic need is more than 175, the international standard for boys is 190 plus or minus 2, and the domestic model is more than 185. Many times the model is not strictly divided. For example, the catwalk model can also shoot the plane and do local models (hand models). Second, in addition to height, the most important thing for modeling is the body ratio. If the ratio is not good, even if other conditions are good, it is very limited. Because the ratio cannot be changed. Proportion refers to the difference in body length (the ratio of upper body length to leg length). Third, the appearance requirements The appearance is not as prominent as the figure, which is also a very important image factor. For models, the ideal head shape is oval, and the face shape should not be wide, but can be slightly longer. The facial features are the minimum requirements, not very beautiful, as long as you have personality, you can still stand out. Fourth, your weight, measurements, these external conditions change all the time, so it is not absolute, but it is also a very important standard, not to be overweight. Pay attention to weight control.

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