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Has Li Zongwei joined the Chinese nationality?


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Li Zongwei was not originally Chinese, but his current nationality is Malaysian. Name: Li Zongwei English: LeeChongWei Gender: Male Nationality: Malaysian ancestral home: Fujian, China Birthday: 1982. 10.21 Weight: 55kg Height: 174cm Sports: Badminton Birthplace: Li Zongwei, Dashan Foot Town, Penang, holds the shot with his right hand. He has good assault and explosive power, strong variable speed ability, and a big threat to head-to-head killing. He is the number one player in Malaysian men’s singles. His performance has risen rapidly after the former Chinese coach Li Mao in the division, and he has become one of the strongest opponents in Chinese men’s singles. As the number one player in Malaysia, Li Zongwei is a popular figure in the past year. Even if Lin Dan meets him, the chances of winning will not be very high. Lin Li’s battle record is Li’s four wins and eight losses, but in the latest match, Lin Dan lost completely. Chen Hong’s record is five wins and two losses, and Li Zongwei’s achievements in recent years are brilliant and his condition is relatively stable, so he has always been one of the strongest opponents in Chinese men’s singles.

Is Li Zongwei of Chinese descent?

Li Zongwei was born in Penang, Malaysia on October 21, 1982, and his ancestral home is Nan’an County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province.

Former Malaysian men’s singles player in badminton. Known as the first brother of badminton in Malaysia, one of the four kings of badminton in the world. Runner-up in men’s singles in badminton at the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.

So Li Zongwei should be regarded as having Chinese descent.

Badminton player Li Zongwei Height?

[Personal Introduction]

Name: Li Zongwei

English: LeeChongWei

Gender: Male

Nationality: Malaysia

Birthday: 1982. 10. 21

Weight: 55kg

Height: 174cm

Sports: Badminton

Birthplace: Dashan Foot, Penang

Girlfriend: Wong Mewchoo

Are the heights of Gao Yixiang and Zhao Youting real?

Stage Name: Gao Yixiang Original Name: Cao Zhixiang English Name: GodfreyTsao Birthday: September 22, 1984 Horoscope: Virgo Weight: 88kg Height: 195cm Interests/Hobbies: Basketball, Baseball, American Football, Volleyball, Ice Skating, Taekwondo, Drumming, Athletics, DJ Blood Type: O Type Education: Capilano University (Vancouver, Canada) Family Background: Father is the former general manager of Michelin Tire Taiwan (now retired), mother is Malaysian, once participated in the Miss Penang Malaysia selection, won the first occupation: Model, Actor Agency: Taiwan Jiexing Entertainment Co., Ltd. Zhao Youting is the son of artist Zhao Shuhai.

Returned to Taiwan from Canada to enter the entertainment industry. She has been on “Kangxi is Coming” to promote “Ruffian Hero”. Being praised by Xiao S is her favorite type. The male lead in “Ruffian Hero”, the annual drama masterpiece of the Golden Bell Award-winning director Cai Yuexun. His debut film was in Cai Yuexun’s new play “Ruffian Hero”. Zhao Shuhai held his son to a high standard of iron man. He said, “If you want to be the best, if you don’t, don’t mix.” Mark was not “filed” by his father’s words, because he was used to hearing it since he was a child. ” “Ruffian Hero” has been released on April 11. On March 29, a grand premiere meeting was held at Taipei Xinyi Weixiu Plaza. Director Cai Yuexun and Yu Xiaohui led more than 20 actors in the play, including the main actors Zaizai Zhou Yumin, Zhao Youting, Zhang Junjian and Chen Yihan. In addition, Lin Jiaqi, Sui Tang and other supermodels also went to the Avenue of Stars to meet fans.

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