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Has anyone used the weight loss service of Yishun Weight Management Center? Can you lose weight?

Yishun Weight Management Center is very good. The weight loss teacher is very patient and gives me dietary suggestions according to my weight and body fat changes tomorrow.

integrative center for wellness and weight management

Waist 105 weight

Waist circumference is about 52560 kg

Waist circumference of 60cm to 100cm is suitable from 60kg to 80kg.

Male waist circumference ≥ 85 cm and female waist circumference ≥ 80 cm are obese. XL clothes are limited to 60 kilograms, but some clothes are not allowed in size. If it is 60 kilograms, you need to be careful when buying some XL clothes to avoid that the size of the clothes is too small.

The clothing size standard is based on the basic size of the human body. According to different styles and the appropriate loose amount, once the specifications and sizes of the clothing are determined, it is the basis for clothing manufacturing.

Size series: Centered on the intermediates of each body type, it increases or decreases in turn to both sides. The height is divided into series by 5cm, the bust is divided into series by 4cm, and the waist is divided into series by 4cm, 2cm, and division. The series are: XS, S, M, L, XL.

Standard weight is one of the important criteria for measuring a person’s health. We can calculate the BMI (body mass index). The calculation method is: divide your own weight (in kilograms) by the square of your height (in meters), and the resulting value is between 18.5 and 24, which is the standard weight. It is normal to have a fluctuation of 10% up and down in this range, but if you exceed it, you are overweight.

Weight is also related to height. We can also use a relatively simple algorithm to calculate it. Subtract 105 from your height to get the standard weight. For example, height 165, 165-105 = 60, and the standard weight is 60 kilograms.

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