Weight management

Gym membership consultant sales skills?

How to operate

certification weight management consultant

1. You can send your business card to the square or the gate of a crowded community to introduce to others where your health club is and what preferential fitness activities are available now, so that you can take the initiative to attract customers;

2. The health club will have some lists. We can do some customer return visits, or develop new customers, contact old customers, return to the fitness situation, ask if there are any friends who need fitness, etc., and develop new customers for ourselves. In addition, interested customers can be contacted several times by phone or WeChat to provide customers with some new value and information;

3. When communicating with customers, it is necessary to understand the basic situation of customers, such as age, height, weight, fitness requirements, etc., to provide customers with tailor-made fitness programs to make their sales more successful;

As a fitness consultant, we should have a good understanding of the use of our fitness equipment and be clear when introducing it to customers. Secondly, for the preferential promotions of the clubhouse, we should inform customers at the first time;

Employment direction of sports management?

If a college student in sports management wants to find a job after graduation, you can try to get a nutritionist’s certificate. You can be a consultant in weight management and nutrition conditioning, or you can hang out in gyms and confinement clubs as a consultant. Your income is more stable, and your network resources will become better and better. Help others, be happy with yourself, and have a good job. Why not do it?

Weight 130 How many rings are suitable for wearing?

Girls of this weight wear rings. The size is generally between 14 and 18. The specific height should be combined to see which finger to wear. For example, for a 65kg, 160cm girl, the ring worn on the ring finger is usually size 14, the middle finger is size 16, and the index finger is size 18.

Girls’ ring size comparison table (by height and weight)

For more height and weight ring size estimation data, please consult

For qualified consumers, we generally recommend personally measuring fingers to obtain accurate numbers, and purchasing women’s rings of the corresponding size according to the data on the ring size comparison table; or purchasing a dedicated ring size measuring device on the Internet to directly measure the most accurate size;

Men without measurement conditions can ask their girlfriend’s height and weight, and inform our professional customer service consultants to obtain corresponding size recommendations. It should be noted that everyone’s fingers are different, such as some will be thinner, some will be thicker, and some knuckles are relatively large. These are related factors that can affect the size of women’s rings. It is best to inform in detail when estimating the size.

Estimated size cannot be guaranteed to be completely correct, but the general deviation will be controlled at about 1-2. For finished diamond rings with wrong size, it is generally free to exchange, and free to modify the ring size. Worry-free after-sales services are convenient for consumers to buy with confidence.

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