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Greenhouse millet planting technology?

1 Choose land preparation

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1. 1 Choose land. Choose plots with good soil permeability, deep soil layer, good drainage, and rich organic matter, and keep the pH value at 6.5~ 7.5 is appropriate. Millet is not suitable for continuous cropping, and is suitable for rotation with beans, corn and other crops.

1. 2 Land preparation. Combine deep tillage with shallow tillage. Spring-sown plots should be deeply plowed and raked, and the soil should be delicate, flat, and fluffy. The top is empty and the bottom is solid. Summer-sown plots should be cleaned and raked in time after the previous season crops are harvested, leaving no stubble to ensure that there are no residual diseases and insect pests. Organic fertilizer is applied as base fertilizer, which should be applied at one time when tilling the land. Generally, high-quality farmhouse fertilizer is applied at 30. 0~ 37. 5t/hm2, and superphosphate is 30~ 40kg/hm2.

2 Seed treatment

2. 1 Selection of varieties. When selecting seeds, according to various factors such as the surrounding environment, temperature and climate, irrigation conditions and soil fertility, choose excellent varieties with strong stress resistance, good yield performance, high nutritional value and suitable for planting in this area. Late-maturing or medium-late-maturing varieties with a longer growth period can be used in spring valleys, and medium-early-maturing or early-maturing varieties can be used in summer valleys.

2. 2 Seed treatment. After the variety is selected, the seeds are rinsed in 15% salt water, and impurities such as rice grains and grass seeds are removed to ensure the purity of the seeds. Then the sinking kernels are removed, rinsed with water, and dried.

2.3 Germination test. Do a germination test in advance after purchasing seeds, and determine the appropriate sowing amount according to the germination situation.

2.4 Sun seeds. Spread the grain seeds on the ground about 10 days before sowing, with a thickness of 2~ 3cm, and turn them over to the sun for 2~ 3d for sterilization to reduce the source of disease.

2.5Mix seeds with agents. Use 0.2%~ 0 of the weight of the seeds. 3% retinopsis wettable powder or 50% carbendazim wettable powder can be mixed to prevent powdery mildew and smut.

3 Sowing

3. 1 Sowing period. The best sowing period of spring valley is from Qingming to Grain Rain, and summer valley strives for early sowing after wheat harvest, generally sowing in late June.

3. 2 Sowing method and sowing amount. The sowing methods of millet generally include aquiline sowing and mechanical sowing (strip sowing and hole sowing). The sowing amount is adjusted appropriately according to the germination rate of seeds, soil preparation and the occurrence of diseases and insect pests. Generally, 1 to 1.5kg per mu is sown, the sowing depth is generally 3 to 4cm, and the row spacing is generally maintained at about 25cm. Depending on the moisture, suppress 1~ 2 times, so that the fertile land should be dense and the thin land should be thin.

4 Field management

4. 1 Seedling setting. Based on the principle of early thinning seedlings, late setting seedlings, checking seedlings and replanting, and preserving seedlings, the seedlings should be timely and the yield should be improved. Spring valley seedlings are generally seedlings at 5 to 6 leaves, and summer valley seedlings should be interspersed as soon as possible at 4 to 5 leaves. Spring sowing areas generally keep seedlings at 0. 80,000~ 1. 20,000 plants per mu, and summer sowing areas have a higher density. Generally keep seedlings 20,000~ 30,000 plants per mu. For millet that grows excessively, water fertilizer and deep cultivation should be controlled at 3 to 5 leaves to press green squatting seedlings.

4. 2 Reasonable irrigation and fertilization

4. 2. 1 Reasonable irrigation. Millet is drought-tolerant and afraid of flooding. It is generally not necessary to water during the growth period in rainy years. When encountering heavy rain, pay attention to timely drainage of the boots; severe drought at heading stage will cause “neck drought”, and the ears cannot be drawn out, so it should be properly watered. During the grouting period, the soil moisture should be kept at 50% to 60% of the soil saturated water.

4. 2. 2 Timely top-dressing. The most suitable top-dressing period is the jointing stage. When 8 to 10 leaves are left, 5 to 8 kg of urea should be topped per mu. The second top-dressing is carried out about 10 days before the booting, and urea should be topped at 4 to 8 kg per mu. Foliar spraying 0 in the later stage of millet growth. 2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution to prevent leaf senescence and increase spike grain weight.

4. 3 Cultivation and weeding. Millet cultivation and weeding are mainly carried out in the seedling stage, jointing stage and booting stage, a total of 2 to 3 times, and the combination of shovel and trip is carried out. In the seedling stage, the seedling stage is combined with thinning and setting seedlings, and shallow cultivation is carried out to achieve weeding and not burying seedlings. In the jointing stage, deep hoeing and fine hoeing are generally required to have a depth of 7~ 10cm, and soil is cultivated at the root of the plant. Cultivation at the booting stage should not be too deep, about 5cm is appropriate, which can promote root development and prevent lodging in the middle and late stages.

4. 4 Chemical weeding. Spray the soil surface evenly with grain friends within 3 days after sowing. Do not damage the soil layer within 1 month after spraying. Spray according to the instructions. Do not spray heavily or leak. Do not increase or decrease the dosage at will.

5 Prevention and control of diseases and insect pests

5. 1 Millet smut. Strictly select seeds, use crop rotation and stubble, remove the diseased ears and destroy them. Pharmaceutical control: Use 40% mixed seed double powder according to the amount of seeds 0. 1%~ 0. 3% mixed seeds.

5. 2 Millet plague. Strengthen cultivation management, rational dense planting. Chemical control with 5% high-efficiency cypermethrin emulsifiable oil.

5. 3 Millet rust. Spray control with 25% triadimefon wettable powder when the rate of diseased leaves is 1% to 5%.

5.4 Millet leaf spot. Spray control with 50% benbendazim wettable powder, use once every 10 days or so, and prevent and control twice in a row.

5.5 Bird damage. Pin “dummies” to prevent birds from pecking, and apply bird repellent (one smell run) to repel rabbits, birds, rats and other animals.

6 Timely harvest

When the ears of the grain turn yellow, the leaves turn yellow, and 95% of the grains become hard, the stalks are cut down in the field to “rest the waist”, and then cut the ears after 3 to 5 days, which not only reduces the loss of wind blowing, but also promotes post-ripening. The moisture content of the millet after harvest is generally 20% to 30%, and it should be dried or dried to less than 13% in time.

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