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Grass carp growth cycle and profit?

Grass carp culture cycle is 2.5-3 years.

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Grass carp is a large economic fish with fast growth. The fastest growth is at age 2-3. Under pond conditions, the population growth rate of 1-year-old fish is generally 50-60g, the age of 2 can reach 500-750g, and the age of 3 is 2-3kg, so the cultivation cycle of grass carp is 2.5-3 years.

Feeding and management of grass carp

1. Feeding. Feeding in ponds is the main work in the feeding and management stage, including routine feed feeding and bait feeding. The feeding method adopts artificial domestication and fixed-point feeding, and strictly adheres to the quality, quantification, timing and fixed-point feeding. The specific methods are as follows:

① Conventional feed feeding: feeding times, 2 to 4 times a day from mid-March to May, 3 times a day from June to mid-August, and 4 times a day from mid-August to October. From June, green feed is fed once a day, and the feeding amount should not be too large. It is appropriate to be 70 to 80% full, and strictly prevent too much satiety and hunger.

② Bait feeding: Sulfadiazide is used for medication, and it is made into floating feed. The method is as follows: Mix 1 kg of bran every 5 grams of sulfaguanidine, add 150 grams of elm bark powder or sweet potato powder, mix with hot water, press into small pieces, and dry in the sun for use. The feeding method is: mix the bait into the granules, and use 1 gram per 10 kg of pond fish weight on the first day. The daily dose is halved and fed on the 2nd to 6th days. Once a day, 6 days is a cycle, and every 1 to 1. Feed a cycle of 5 months.

2. Water quality management.

① Splash quicklime regularly, generally every half month according to the water surface of each mu, 20 kg per meter of water depth, or use bleaching powder 100 mg/L to splash the whole pool.

② Add water and change the water in a planned way. Inject new water every 10 days, 20~ 30 cm each time. By mid-July, change the water once according to the actual situation, and the water change amount is 1/2.

③ Start the aerator every day. From June to mid-August, grass carp are prone to hypoxia floating head. During this season, turn on the machine for 2 to 3 hours at noon on sunny days, 3 to 4 hours in the early morning, and turn on the machine once in the middle of the night on cloudy days to prevent fish floating head.

④ Seriously patrol the pond. Keep abreast of the activities and eating conditions of fish in a timely manner, and grasp the changes in water quality. To achieve early prevention without disease and early treatment if there is disease.

⑤ Clean up the sundries in the pond, and remove the leftover green fodder stems, leaves, etc. of grass carp in time.

Pond conditions of grass carp

1. Pond conditions: The pond is required to be far away from the pollution source, covering an area of 5 to 10 mu. The bottom of the pond is flat, the bottom is preferably loam, and a little leakage is preferred. The bottom mud is 10 to 20 cm, and the water depth is about 2 meters. Each pond should be equipped with a 3-kilowatt impeller-type aerator and a 4-inch water pump for timely water change and oxygen.

2. Cleaning and disinfection: grass carp have many diseases themselves, and the pond is more prone to epidemic outbreaks. At the same time, eliminating sundries is an important measure to ensure the normal feeding of grass carp and save feed. The specific method is to splash the whole pool with 100 kg of quicklime pulp in the case of dry ponds (5 to 10 cm of stagnant water), or splash the whole pool with 10 kg of bleaching powder after dissolving in warm water, so as not to leave dead ends and completely kill pathogenic bacteria.

3. Water quality requirements: The water quality of the pond requires a pH value of 7. 5 to 8. 5. During the peak period of breeding (June to September), the water transparency of the pond is maintained at about 30 cm, and the oxygen consumption of organic matter is 18 to 20 mg/liter.

Seedling stocking of grass carp

1. Seedling selection: grass carp species should choose individuals with golden color, harmless appearance, lively and robust, and a weight of about 100 grams. At the same time, due to the two major diseases of grass carp bleeding and enteritis, both are susceptible to infecting the fish species of the year, and the selection of seedlings should be based on 2-year-old seedlings.

2. Fish species stocking: grass carp species are generally stocked with 800 to 1,000 fish per mu, with an individual size of 250 grams to 500 grams. 100 silver carp species are not matched or less matched with carp to avoid grabbing food with grass carp. In addition, before the fish species enter the pond, attention should be paid to disinfection of the body surface.

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