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Graduate entrance weight standards?

1. Requirements for height, weight, vision and appearance:

weight management msc

(1) Apply for public security science and public security technology for each research direction under the first-level discipline, physical examination standards:

Boys are 170 cm tall and above, and their body mass index (unit: kg/m2) is between 17.3 and 27.3 (including the number of books). Girls are 160 cm tall and above, and their body mass index (unit: kg/m2) is between 17.1 and 25.7 (including the number of books). The visual acuity of any naked eye in the left and right eyes is 4.8 and above.

Appearance: No less whiteheads, no thoracic deformity, no scoliosis, hunchback, knee varus femur intercondylar distance and knee valgus tibia intercondylar distance of not more than 7 cm, no plantar arch completely disappeared flat feet, no scar on the body that affects function, no scar on the face and neck, no lower extremity varicose veins, no axillary odor, common internal and external strabismus no more than 15 degrees, no lip, cleft palate or cleft lip postoperative significant scar.

(2) For candidates applying for the “non-directional” admission category of other majors other than Public Security Science and Public Security Technology, the physical examination standards:

The height of boys should not be less than 168 cm in principle, the weight should not be less than 50 kg, and the weight should not exceed 25% of the standard weight; the height of girls should not be less than 158 cm in principle, the weight should not be less than 45 kg, and the weight should not exceed 25% of the standard weight. The body is well-proportioned. The unilateral corrected vision of the left and right eyes should not be less than 4.8.

Appearance: correct facial features, no obvious facial features and defects (such as cleft lip, cross-eye, oblique eye, torticollis, various scar numbness, etc.), no dull sense of smell, no chicken breast, no underarm odor, no severe varicose veins, no obvious eight-character steps, loop legs, no severe flat plantar feet (flat feet), no tattoos, less white head, hunchback, and no various disabilities.

2. Candidates who apply for “non-directional” admission in each major should meet the following requirements:

(1) Color vision: no color blindness, color weakness.

(2) No hard hearing in both ears, no stuttering.

(3) Good health, no infectious diseases, no chronic nephritis, no hypertension, and no history of mental illness in myself and my immediate family.

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