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Girl bath skin care process?

After taking a shower, use toner for basic skin maintenance. After the toner is absorbed by the skin, the pores will naturally open, and then use essence, lotion and cream. The cream is used at the end to have a certain water-locking effect to achieve better moisturizing effect and avoid too dry skin

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Girl after taking a shower skin care process?

The skin care process after a girl takes a shower usually includes the following steps: Apply body lotion: After taking a shower, the skin is relatively dry, you can apply some body lotion to moisturize the skin. Hair care: Use conditioner or hair mask to nourish the hair and make the hair more supple. Facial skin care: Use facial cleanser, toner, serum, cream and other skin care products to take care of the skin to make the skin more hydrated and elastic. Lip care: Use lip balm or lip mask to take care of the lips to make the lips more hydrated and full. Use mask: You can use a mask to deeply cleanse the skin or nourish the skin. Daily care: Daily care is also very important, including sun protection, cleansing and so on. The above is the skin care process for girls after taking a shower, I hope it can help you.

Normal process of one day skin care?

1. Cleansing: After getting up in the morning, washing your face can make you feel refreshed. Here, you can cleanse your face in the morning without cleansing milk. After a night’s rest, the skin has not been awakened yet. Cleansing milk is irritating to the skin. It is recommended to wash your face with water.

2. Toner: The function of toner is to clean again to restore the pH value of the skin surface, and condition the cuticle, so that the skin can better absorb, and prepare for the use of skin care products.

3. Essence: The main function of facial essence is to whiten, moisturize and moisturize, which can really improve the skin, accurately repair problems, and sublimate skin health.

4, face cream, lotion: face cream, lotion whitening, anti-aging and other active ingredients can be better absorbed by the skin.

5, sun protection: sunscreen refers to the addition of sunscreen that can block or absorb ultraviolet rays to prevent the skin from being tanned and sunburned cosmetics.

6, makeup remover: cosmetics can not be washed off by cleansing, and residual cosmetics can also cause damage to the skin, so you must remember to remove makeup every day, and you can start the evening skin care work after the makeup remover is completed.

7, cleansing: The cleansing work at night is higher than the requirements in the morning, and a cleansing milk needs to be used. When cleansing, cooperate with the method to wash off the oily cosmetics in the pores as much as possible, and then continue the steps of toner essence cream in the morning.

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