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Full Analysis of Fast Pursuit Equipment?

The equipment in the movie “Fast Pursuit” is fictional and there is no specific analysis. However, some characteristics of the equipment can be inferred from the scenes and effects of the movie.

keanu reeves skin care routine

1. Motorcycle: The movie uses KeanuReeves’ deliberately selected ARCHMotorcyclesKRGT-1, which is a high-end custom motorcycle that has been praised for its excellent performance and design.

2. Weapons: The weapons used in the movie include pistols, rifles, and knives. The protagonist uses a “Tactical Tomahawk”, which is a type of tactical tool that can be used to cut off obstacles and attack enemies.

3. Protective gear: The protagonist wears a black leather jacket in the movie. This leather jacket is called “tactical leather jacket”, which is a high-strength protective gear that combines body armor and stab armor. At the same time, his headphones also improve his use efficiency and prevent interference from noise and penetration.

In general, the equipment used by the protagonist in the movie is to improve his combat efficiency and protect his own safety. But it should be noted that the movie is a fictional work of art, so some of the plots and equipment may not be real and feasible.

What are the special functions of the Casio G-shock series watches?

The most prominent feature of the G-SHOCK series is shock resistance. The rest of the features vary from watch to watch, deep waterproof, long battery life and more.

CASIO, one of the brands of watches, has the characteristics of impressive durability, waterproof and so on. SHOCK means to hit the impact. In medicine, the G in front of the shock stands for gravity.


Since 1983, G-SHOCK watches have won a classic and irreplaceable position in the minds of hipsters with innovation, seismic concept and powerful function design. DW-5600 was worn by KeanuReeves in the movie “Speed” and became the representative of many classic G-SHOCK. Now the seismic legend of G-SHOCKSHOCK has entered its 30th year. While it continues to innovate and progress, it also accompanies our growth. Maybe we can’t guess the details of its innovation, but G-SHOCK’s brand spirit of “Beyond Dreams, Challenging Limits” as Casio has always advocated will continue to be followed and spread.

Product Development History

In 1981, 28-year-old CASIO R

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