Weight management

Free fighting weight class division?

Free fighting weight:

free weight management

1. Lightweight (70-73kg)

The most mainstream weight in the world, dominated by European, American and Thai players. This level is also known as the golden level of free fighting, first because there are too many top athletes in this level, and second because such a weight is reasonable internationally, and both European and Asian physiques can be played together.

2. Lightweight (67-68kg)

is slightly smaller than lightweight. There are fewer European and American athletes at this level, because there are not many athletes with small physiques, while Asian athletes have more suitable physiques, so this level is occupied by the Japanese who have developed their fighting career earlier.

3. Chubby (60-61kg)

Japanese hegemony. There are many Japanese players at this level, such as Takazun, Daya, Huangzhi, Hiromatsu Urabe, etc.

There are no restrictions on height in fighting

You can practice as high as you want.

Mixed martial arts is a competitive fighting sport with extremely open rules. The mixed martial arts competition uses finger gloves. The rules of the event allow both standing strikes and ground fighting. The competition allows competitors to use boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, taekwondo, karate, judo, Sanda and other techniques. It is known as the “decathlon” in combat sports.

Who is suitable for Sauconi Freedom 3?

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