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Name: Steve Francis Height: 1 meter 91/6 feet 3 inches Weight: 95. 3 kilograms/210 pounds Graduate College: University of Maryland The second overall pick in the first round in 1999 was selected by the Grizzlies who were still in Vancouver at the time. However, the stubborn boss refused to go to the cold Vancouver to play, forcing the Grizzlies to make a deal. Francis also joined the Rockets. As the successor after the end of the Olajuwon era, Francis played for the Rockets for five seasons. It was a pity that his gorgeous play could not bring the Rockets back to the playoffs. During his partnership with Mobley, he became the only backcourt team in the league that averaged 20 points per game. It was not until the arrival of Yao Ming in 2002 that the Rockets returned to the playoffs after a season.

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Unfortunately, after that season, the Rockets used Francis as a bargaining chip to trade McGrady to the Magic.

In the Magic, Francis met another champion – Dwight Howard. Similarly, after two seasons with the champion, Francis was sent to the Knicks. During the two years he played for the Knicks, Boss Fu, who started to change careers and score, fell to the lowest point in all statistics, and he was also plagued by injuries for a long time.

Finally, on the day of the draft, as a bargaining chip to balance the salary, Francis was sent to the Blazers and bought out the contract. Francis’ career data reached 19. 0 points 5. 8 rebounds 6. 2 assists, shooting percentage is also 43. 1%, although the data is not outstanding, but the ability is absolutely balanced, the data of 20 5 5 at the peak of his career is not a problem, and now only “Wolf King” Garnett and “Little Emperor” James can get this data.

Unfortunately, the All-Star and the superstar are only one brain away. As a point guard, the most criticized thing about Boss Fu is that he does not have a point guard’s brain, does not have a commander’s nerve, and the passing field of vision is not open, and it is easy to get brain congestion. If he changes to score, his shortcomings of not shooting at a fixed point are even more exposed. However, the current Rockets need Francis’ lethal breakthrough and incredible layups and dunks. As for the shooting, let McGrady complete it. Although the data is all-powerful, Francis is always unable to comfortably pass the ball to teammates in need, nor can he clearly execute the coach’s intentions. Poor combination ability is still NBA mistake king. But then again, at least his ability is there, and he is still a headache for any point guard. Back then, Jason Williams made more mistakes, but he could survive in Adelman’s “Princeton”, so why can’t Francis? Note: Francis this season and career data highest score 28 Raptors 04/15/0744 vs Lakers 01/17/03 hit 83 143 shots 9 Wizards 03/10/0729 Heat 04/09/02 3-pointers 5 Wizards 03/10/0763 3-pointers 102 13 Supersonic 11/20/99 free throws hit 15 Celtics 11/24/0618 vs Jazz 02/04/02 free throws shot 15 Celtics 11/24/0622 vs Jazz 02/04/02 32 front rebounds 8 Kings 11/21/99 back rebounds 8vs Blazers 03/22/0713 Celtics 01/18/02 total rebounds 10vs Blazers 03/22/0717 vs Warriors 01/27/00 assists 10vs Wasps 03/16/02/22/04 01/26/06 steals 34 times 8 Clippers 11/24/02 blocks 2 Knights 11/29/064 vs Kings 472 minutes 58vs Eagles 071576

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