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Fowler (star) profile?

English name: Robbie. Fowler Position: Striker Birthday: April 9, 1975 Height: 175cm Weight: 74kg Nickname: Bad boy marksman Liverpool Signing time: April 23, 92 First appearance for Liverpool: 22.9. 1993 League Cup Unforgettable things for Fulham: Liverpool achieve the “Triple Crown” Hate places: Old Trafford Frequent places: Anfield Football Stadium Personal motto: YOUWILLNEVERWALKALONE! Goal record: 171 goals in 330 games (120 goals in 236 league games) Robbie’s hometown is in the Toxteth area of the beautiful port city of Liverpool. At the age of 11, his outstanding football talent was scouted by Liverpool J. Aspinall discovered and joined the Liverpool junior team. Here, he established his place on the pitch: forward, and embarked on a smooth road to fame. In 1992, after completing the entire course of the England’s largest football training program (YouthTraining Scheme) and scoring multiple goals for the Liverpool youth team, Fowler officially signed with Liverpool to start his professional football career. Liverpool manager Souness and assistant Evans both admired the lad’s ability to score goals: “Let this young man enter the first team, it will be unfair to him and to others to stay in the youth team.” On September 22, 1993, Robbie completed his debut at Liverpool against Fulham. In this game, Liverpool won 3-1 and Fowler also scored a goal. Robbie scored his first goal of the league in his third Premier League appearance. At the end of October, he completed his first hat-trick of the league against Southampton, just a month after he made his official debut for Liverpool! In Fowler’s first 13 Premier League games, he scored a total of 12 goals! Although the subsequent ankle injury gave him a full two months of injury, he still scored 18 goals in 34 games (12 goals in 28 league appearances and 6 goals in the cup) at the end of the season and Rush became the team’s top scorer. Due to his outstanding performance at the club, after winning the European Nations Cup for the England Under-18 team in the summer of 1993, he played for the England Under-21 national team for the first time in the game against San Marino in November and scored a goal in the opening 3 minutes, blowing the horn of victory for the England youth team. In the 94-95 season, Liverpool was coached by Evans. In the first 3 league games, Fowler scored a total of 5 goals. Among them, in the home game against Arsenal, he not only gave Seaman a taste of humiliation, but also created the fastest hat-trick record in the Premier League in 4 minutes and 33 seconds! That year, he scored a total of 31 goals in various competitions (25 goals in 42 league games, 2 FA Cup goals and 4 League Cup goals), successfully won the team’s top scorer, and became the first Liverpool player in nearly 6 years to score more than 30 goals in a season! In April 1995, he won his first title in the club – the League Cup. In the 1995-96 season, he became the team’s top scorer for the third time with an excellent record of 36 goals in 53 games (28 goals in 38 league games and 8 goals in the remaining competitions), and was re-elected as the Premier League’s Rookie of the Year. In the league game against Middlesbrough, Robbie scored 4 goals again, becoming the second player in Liverpool’s history to score more than 100 goals after Rush, and also one faster than Rush’s old record. He is the top scorer of the team (including 18 goals in 32 league games, 13 goals in the FA Cup, Winners’ Cup and other competitions).? In February 1998, Robbie suffered a serious knee injury due to a collision with Everton goalkeeper Miller, not only missing the whole season, but also unable to represent England in the 98 World Cup. On January 16, 1999, he scored his 100th goal in the league for Liverpool in the game against Southampton, and his total number of goals exceeded 140. On January 26, 1999, Fowler signed a five-year contract with Liverpool. He won the League Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Cup in 2001. On November 29, 2001, he moved to Leeds United, leaving Liverpool with a record of 171 goals in 330 games (120 goals in 236 league games). In mid-January 2003, he moved to Manchester City.

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