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Founder of green skin care products Mao Mao?

Founder of green —- Mao Mao.

her skin care routine healed sun damage

In 2020 Mao Mao founded a green brand. The product focuses on effective skin care. Primary main battlefield positioning Kuaishou platform. Brand concept: green, affordable, easy to use.

In 2021 Mao Mao was named Kuaishou dark horse live streaming host.

In 2022 Mao Mao was named one of the top 100 trusted live streaming hosts by Kuaishou.

In 2023 Mao Mao was invited by Guangzhou Cosmetics Association to assume the position of vice president.

Mao Mao was born in 1998. He is from Shandong. He is a handsome and sunny young man with a little temper. He has the unique hospitality of Shandong people in his bones. The establishment of the green brand in 20 years has also been twists and turns. Seniority is shallow, entry into the industry is late, and there are many chaos in the industry. After 3 years, he has forcefully built a world on the Kuaishou platform. The green brand also relies on the green affordable and easy-to-use selling point, attracting powder for nearly 6 million. Mao Mao said: Take the product as the core, take the user experience as the standard, use good materials, and be a good person. In the future, I will do my best to develop domestic products.

What does skin care and waterproof mean?

Skin care waterproof means that when performing daily skin care, the skin care products used have a waterproof function, which can keep the skin care effect unaffected when exposed to water. This function is usually achieved by adding waterproof ingredients, such as silicone oil, polymers, etc. In summer or when engaging in water activities, using skin care products with waterproof function can effectively prevent damage to the skin from sunlight, sweat, sea water, swimming pool water, etc. At the same time, it can also avoid the trouble caused by frequent makeup and face washing. In short, skin care waterproof can make our skin healthier and more beautiful.

How to repair the skin after long-term sun exposure?

How to repair the skin after sun exposure:

1. Skin Calming: Use ice packs, ice milk, etc. to calm the skin and lower the local temperature.

2. Skin Care: Choose a mild and non-irritating emergency post-sun repair milk, which contains soothing and calming factors, which can moisturize and replenish water.

3. External Drugs: Use aloe vera gel or vitamin E cream, which can replenish water, inhibit melanocyte growth, and repair damaged skin.

4. Usually Sunscreen: Can sunscreen, sun hat, and

cosmetics still be used after exposure to the sun?

It is not recommended to continue using cosmetics after they have been exposed to the sun for a long time. But if the sun has been exposed for a short period of time, you can continue to use them. Because cosmetics are exposed to direct sunlight, it is easy to make the temperature in them too high, and once the temperature rises, the ingredients inside will undergo chemical reactions, especially if the bottle body is a plastic bottle body, it is easy for cosmetic ingredients to react with the plastic bottle.

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