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How Do You Get Athlete's Foot

Athlete’s foot (also known as Tinea pedis) is a common skin infection. It is caused by a fungus called Tinea (or commonly known as ringworm fungus). This fungus is so small that it can only be seen microscopically. Fungus is naturally drawn to damp, moist, and warm environments. Such conditions are favorable for growth and to reproduce further. Foot infection can only begin though when growth manifest. Infected areas are mostly seen in between the toes.

The term can often be misleading, some may believe that this foot problem happens or commonly occurs only among athletes. Although there is a percentage truth to this, still anyone can actually acquire this, regardless of age or status.

The symptoms can either be mild or severe. The general symptoms however include (1) itchiness (commonly in between the toes), redness and scaling (around the infected area), and blistering. See your doctor immediately for any manifestation of these symptoms.

How does one get an athlete’s foot?
Following are some few pointers on how the fungus invades the foot and therefore causes the infection.

• Through surface contact. Note that public facilities such as shower rooms, swimming pools, and locker rooms have similar environment conditions where fungi can exist. It is best to be aware and cautious when at these places. Make sure to always wear slippers. Walking around in bare foot allows an easy access of you for the microorganisms.

• Creating unconsciously a breeding area for the fungus. Make sure to dry your feet, especially in between toes, after every shower or soak. Best if you can use a dry towel with a warm drier to dry thoroughly.

Also, try not to wear the same shoes everyday. In this way, your foot is given time to air dry. If possible, wear shoes that is wear ventilated. More importantly, avoid sharing your shoes with someone as this increases the possibility of the infection to be transmitted.

Prevention is better than cure or treatment
Prevention has long served as a beneficial dodge to avoiding all sorts of illnesses (both internal and external). It is always beneficial to equip yourself with information and facts about the fungus that causes athlete’s foot. Knowledge about this infection can help you avoid getting it. In cases however, that you got infected, it is best to see your doctor immediately.

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