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Follow-up process and precautions?

1. Follow-up process steps

best skin care routine for bride to be

1. Make an appointment for the new couple’s makeup test time in advance.

2. During the makeup test process, you can discuss the bride’s hairstyle and makeup design on the day, determine the head flower pattern, and record it.

3. Confirm the time and place of the next morning with the new couple the night before the wedding, and remind the bride to beauty and skin care at night.

4. Arrive on time at the appointment time and place on the day of the wedding.

5. During the makeup process, the makeup and hairstyle design should fully express the beauty of the girl to be married, and the makeup should not be too thick.

6. Change the wedding dress to check the overall image of the bride and make revisions.

7. After arriving at the hotel, you need to do a makeup touch-up before the ceremony.

8. When changing the toasting dress after the ceremony, you should change the style and change the makeup jewelry.

9. After the wedding reception, organize the makeup changing room, put away all the bride’s clothes and other supplies, and organize the cosmetic case clearly.

10. Finally, express your blessings to the newlyweds and ask if the newlyweds need any more help. If not, take the makeup fee and thank them for leaving.

2. What to pay attention to with makeup

1. Don’t make up too much

The bride will wear red clothes on the wedding day. Remember that the lips, blush, eye makeup, etc. should not be too thick. If they are too thick, it will give people the feeling of singing. Makeup must be determined according to the skin tone of the newlyweds.

2. Avoid rough and scribbled makeup

Although makeup should not be too strong, we emphasize that it should not be too exaggerated, as long as it is delicate, so it is not suitable to make makeup rough and scribbled on the wedding day.

3. Avoid matte silver lipstick

Wedding is a festive day. On the big day, you must use the most elegant and festive things to bake out the wedding atmosphere. Therefore, the bride should avoid using matte silver lipstick.

How should the bride take care of her skin one month before makeup?

Everyone wants to be the most beautiful bride. If you want to show your most beautiful side at that important moment, this month’s skin care is very crucial.

The most important part is to fully hydrate and moisturize, so that the skin is full of moisture, in order to apply makeup well. After cleansing the skin every day, take more moisturizing water, or you can use hyaluronic acid stock solution to achieve a better moisturizing effect, and then use moisturizing and moisturizing milk or cream to moisturize and prevent the loss of moisture from the skin. You can use a moisturizing mask 2-3 times a week.

If there may be problems with the skin, you must seize this month to remedy it. If you have acne on your face, you can condition your skin and eliminate acne by using skin care products that control oil and remove acne. If it is sensitive skin, you should pay more attention. Otherwise, it will be troublesome to wear bridal makeup that can cause allergies. You can use anti-allergic and desensitized skin care products to condition.

Hope you will be the most beautiful bride!

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