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Family History of the Kardashians?

The Kardashians are a well-known celebrity family in the United States, known for their activities in media, business, and entertainment. Here are some of the major histories and members of the Kardashians:

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1. ** Robert Kardashian **: The grandfather of the Kardashians, was a well-known lawyer who had represented some notable cases. He passed away in 1993.

2. ** Kris Jenner **: The mother of the Kardashians, an agent and television personality. She has four children with Robert Kardashian.

3. ** Kim Kardashian **: The first child of the Kardashian family, known as a socialite, fashion designer, and businessman, becoming one of the most well-known members of the family.

4. ** Kourtney Kardashian **: The second child of the Kardashian family, involved in television shows and fashion careers.

5. ** Lucy Kardashian (Khloé Kardashian) **: The third child of the Kardashian family, also a television personality, businessman, and fashion designer.

6. ** Robert Kardashian **: The fourth child of the Kardashian family, less involved in media and business activities, has appeared on some TV shows.

7. ** Kanye West **: The husband of Kim Kardashian, is a well-known music producer and singer.

The Kardashian family has gained huge worldwide fame through their TV show “The Life of the Kardashian Family” (KeepingUpwiththeKardashians). They have businesses in fashion, cosmetics, media and business. The history and achievements of the Kardashian family are closely related to their activities in the public media, making them one of the celebrity families that receive much attention in today’s society.

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