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Falloutboy lead singer height?

This lead singer is 178 cm tall and weighs 52 kg at the same time. It can also make it look very beautiful, and it can make it have a very good voice condition. It is able to make it the C position of this lead singer.

fallout 76 weight managment

What is the table reading next to the handle?

Drop [di à o]

Chinese characters

Pinyin: di à o

Phonetic :ㄉㄧㄠˋ

Radical: Yu

External strokes: 8

Total strokes: 11

Chinese name



Dià o


Basic information


Traditional Radical: Hand

Wubi 8698: RHJH

Cangjie: QYAJ

Zheng Code: DIKE

Stroke Order Number: 12121251112

Four Corners Number: 51046

UniCode: CJK

Unified Chinese Characters: U 6389 [1]

Character Structure

Chinese Character Head and End Decomposition: Long Zhuo

Chinese Character Component Decomposition: Long Bu Day Ten

Stroke Order Number: 12121251112

Stroke Order Reading and Writing: Horizontal and Vertical Horizontal and Vertical Horizontal and Vertical Horizontal and Vertical [1]

Chinese Character Interpretation

Basic Character Meaning

1. Falling:~ T

2. Derogation, disappearance:~ color.~ price.

3. Lost, omitted: two words in this line.

4. Rotation (zhun):~ head.~ turn.

5. Swing, extended to show off, play:~ text.~ pretty. ~ With lightness.~ Arm away.

6. Same “tune”:~ bag.~ change.

7. Lagging behind:~ team.

8. Used after a verb to indicate the result of an action: change~. Ring~. [3]

Detailed word meaning

1. Shape sound. From the hand, from Zhuo, Zhuo Yisheng. “Zhuo” means “high”. “Hand” and “Zhuo” are combined to mean “raise the hand high and shake”. Original meaning: shake, swing.

2. The same as the original meaning [sway; wag; shake].

Drop, shake. – Xu Shen’s Shuowen in the Eastern Han Dynasty

and Li Sheng was a scholar, Fu Shi lost three inches of tongue, and went down to more than 70 cities. – “Historical Records of the Biographies of the Marquis of Huaiyin” [2]

The end is not broken, and the tail is not lost. – “The Eleventh Year of Zhaogong in Zuozhuan”

3. Another example is: losing the tail; swaying (swaying); dizzying (limbs swaying and rotating); falling off (swinging the arms to go, also known as swaying the arms to rise up); dropping the tongue (drumming the tongue, referring to lobbying and talking); dropping the tongue (shaking the lips and drumming the tongue; telling right and wrong); shuddering (shuddering).

4. Play, show off. [showoff].

Words must be based on the history of books, broken chapters and broken sentences, to replace common talk, commonly known as falling off the book bag. – “The Biography of Shupeng Utilization in the Southern Tang Dynasty”

5. Another example is: falling off the child, (playing tricks, showing tricks).

6. Play with; move [playwith; jugglewith; dallywith]. Such as: falling off the ghost (playing tricks; playing deceptive tricks); falling off the machine (playing with power); falling off the mouth (playing poor mouth); falling off the scriptures (blowing blindly).

7. Falling [fall; shed; drop]. Such as: tears; ripe apples fell from the tree.

8. Lost [lose]. Such as: don’t drop the key.

9. Turn back [turn]. Such as: turn the front of the car; turn the head; turn the back of the face (turn the face).

10. Exchange [exchange]. Such as: drop the bag (secretly change); lose the busy time (dialect. Sneak time in the rush; take time); drop the bag (try to get rid of other people’s things); I want the big bottle to drop the small bottle.

11. Paddle [paddle; row].

Seeing the two people in front, a nautilus fell. – “Water Margin”

12. Instigate [instigate; abet]. Such as: drop the tongue (to agitate the tongue, to show the ability of the tongue. Refers to eloquent or lobbying others).

13. Drop behind [drop; fall]. Such as: drop behind.

14. Reduce, lower [decrease; lower]. Such as: lose five catties of weight; drop the price.

Change of speech

Oar, drop [oar]. Such as: lift off rowing; drop snatching (sailing in the wind).

is used after certain verbs to indicate the result of an action. Such as: to throw away; to change; to knock out. [4]

Common phrases

◎ Switch the package dià obāo

[stealthilysubstituteonethingforanother] secretly exchange false for true or inferior for better.

◎ Left behind dià odu

[dropout; fallbehind] to fall behind the team. The metaphor is not up to date or does not meet the required level.

Switch to dià ohuà n

1, [shift; swop; exchange; change]: Change position and direction, often indicating unease or instability.

Often switch jobs.

2. [exchange]: interchange with each other.

3. [replace; change; alter]: replace.

Change the factory manager.

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