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Facial care operation process and key points?

Facial care steps and methods

skin care routine to get clear skin

1. Cleanse the face: Facial care should first pay attention to cleansing the face, which is a very critical step. You can use foam to wrap excess sebum, aging keratin, and dust and wash it thoroughly. Facial care steps and methods This step is quite important. Especially pay attention to no matter how late you go to bed, remove makeup every day.

2. Toner: After cleansing the face, the next step is to pay attention to replenishing skin moisture, which can reset the pH of the skin, so that the surface of the skin is softer. In addition, it is also conducive to the absorption of lotions or beauty lotions. It should be noted that when using a cotton pad dipped in lotion to wipe, the parts of the face are biased from the center of the face to the inside out along the skin texture, and slowly massage without pulling the skin.

3. Eye maintenance: The skin around the eyes is more prone to grow small fine lines, because the skin in this part is very thin, sensitive, and has less sebum excretion, so you must pay attention to eye care and maintenance at ordinary times. For example, you can use eye cream or eye mask to effectively promote the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes, provide moisturization and repair, and look back at the eyes with a bright look.

4. Essence: This step is to use essence, especially for the oily part, which can achieve the purpose of shrinking pores, inhibiting excess sebum excretion, and conditioning skin texture. In addition, it can also effectively defend against the effect of makeup removal. The method is, when using the toner, pay attention to pat the face from bottom to top, and pay attention to focusing on the oily part of the T word.

5. Lotion or cream: Finally, pay attention to applying the lotion or cream. This can effectively defend against the loss of water replenished by soft water, preserve the water/oil balance, and give the skin a moist and smooth feeling. Method, when applying the lotion or cream, use the pulp of your fingers and push it out from the center of the face to make it absorbed. For oily skin, such as the T-shaped area, the dosage can be controlled.

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