Weight management

Excel table value, how to count clothing according to height and weight?

1. This operation uses the office software Excel spreadsheet, and the version used is the family and student version 2016.

weight management statistics

2. First open the spreadsheet and enter the simulated data of weight and height.

3. In the BMI column, enter the formula “= A2/(B2 * B2) “, indicating that the BMI value is obtained by dividing the weight by the square of the height.

4. After entering, click Enter to see the result. For batch data. You can directly use the format filling handle and fill it down.

Third grade height and weight statistics table?

Third grade boys and girls height and weight comparison table

The calculation formula is: weight (kg) = full age X2 8kg height (cm) = 70cm age X

Male: height 130.44 (cm) weight around 25.08.

Female: height 130.07 (cm) weight around 25.07.

Weight in the first half of the year (KG) = birth weight month age × 0.7.

Weight in the second half of the year (KG) = birth weight 6 × 0. 7 (month-old-6) × 0. 5.

Weight of children aged 2 to 12 (KG) = (age) × 2 12 = age × 2 8.

Healthy city healthy weight activity program?

Healthy weight activity program

1. Activity background

With the improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to their own health problems. However, due to bad living habits and diet structure, obesity is becoming more and more serious, which poses a great threat to people’s physical health. In order to promote the construction of a healthy city and improve citizens’ health awareness, we have specially formulated this “Healthy City Healthy Weight” activity plan.

2. Activity Objectives

Raise citizens’ awareness of healthy weight and understand the harm of obesity to health;

Advocate a healthy lifestyle and guide citizens to develop reasonable eating and exercise habits;

Promote citizens to actively participate in healthy activities and improve physical fitness and health level.

3. Activity Contents

Health Lecture: Invite professional doctors or nutritionists to give health lectures to explain the importance of healthy weight, the harm of obesity and how to control weight through reasonable diet and exercise.

Free Health Clinic: Organize medical institutions to provide free health check-ups and consultation services to the public to help the public understand their physical condition and formulate personalized health plans.

Healthy Exercise: Organize various sports activities, such as brisk walking, jogging, yoga, etc., to encourage the public to actively participate and improve their physical fitness.

Healthy Eating: Promote the concept of healthy eating, organize cooking competitions or healthy eating display activities, so that the public can understand the importance and methods of healthy eating.

IV. Event Publicity

Use Media Publicity: Widely publicize the purpose, content and significance of this event through media channels such as television, radio, and newspapers, and attract the public to actively participate.

Produce publicity materials: Produce publicity posters, brochures and other publicity materials, and post them in public places and communities to increase the public’s attention to the event.

Use online platforms: Publish event information through official websites, WeChat official accounts and other online platforms, interact with citizens, and improve the dissemination effect of the event.

Fifth, activity evaluation

Conduct statistics and analysis on the number of participants in the event, the effect of the event, etc., and evaluate the effectiveness of the event;

Collect feedback from citizens on the event, and continuously improve and optimize the activity plan;

Summarize the results and experiences of the event, and provide reference for the future construction of a healthy city.

VI. Activity Guarantee

Set up an event organizing committee to be responsible for the overall planning and organization and coordination of the event;

Arrange professionals to maintain the order and safety management of the event site;

Provide necessary services and guarantees for the citizens participating in the event to ensure the smooth progress of the event.

VII. Activity Summary

Through this “Healthy City Healthy Weight” activity, we hope to arouse the public’s attention to the issue of healthy weight and improve the public’s health awareness and health literacy. At the same time, we also hope that through this activity, we will promote the construction of a healthy city and create a healthier and more livable living environment for the citizens.

After the event, we will summarize and evaluate the event, analyze the effectiveness and shortcomings of the event, and provide experience and reference for future activities. At the same time, we will continue to pay attention to the health of citizens, and continue to launch more activities and services that are beneficial to the health of citizens, contributing to the construction of a healthy city.

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