Weight management

Excel standard weight calculation formula steps?

1. After opening excel, create the following table. The table column topics are: height (unit: meters), weight (unit: kilograms), gender, height square, height weight coefficient, expert advice.

5 5 weight management formula

2. Then enter the following suggestions in cells A4–A8 below the table.

3. Enter the basic parameters in the table: height, weight, gender.

4. Next calculate the square of height, that is, height times height. The formula is = A2 * A2.

5. Then calculate the height and weight coefficient. We judge whether a person is fat or thin based on this coefficient. The calculation formula is weight divided by the square of height, that is, = B2/D2. Enter the formula into the E2 cell

6. Use the formula to get expert advice. In order to let everyone understand this formula, we will split the formula. For specific analysis, first insert a formula as: = IF (C2 = male, 1, 1). This formula is not the final formula, but the first step formula. Insert it into the F2 cell first, and then use

7 later. Then enter the formula in the F3 cell: = IF (E220, A4, IF (E225, A5, IF (E230, A6) , IF (E235, A7, A8))) This is a judgment statement composed of nested IF formulas. This formula is a male judgment standard. The formula means: if the value of E2 cells is less than 20, output the content of A4 cells (thin…). If it is not less than 20, determine whether the progress of E2 cells is less than 25. If it is less than 25, output the content of A5 cells (normal…). By analogy, step by step judge E2 cells

8. In the same way, we enter the female judgment standard formula in F4 cells: = IF (E219, A4, IF (E224, A5, IF (E229, A6, IF (E234, A7, A8)) )) The same reason.

9. Then back to cell F2, we replace the first “1” in the formula with the standard formula for boys, and replace the second “1” in the formula with the standard formula for girls

10. Finally, the formula formed in cell F2 is: = IF (C2 = male, IF (E220, A4, IF (E225, A5, IF (E230, A6, IF (E235, A7, A8)))), IF (E219, A4, IF (E224, A5, IF (E229, A6, IF (E234, A7, A8)))). You can see from the formula that the replacement formula does not contain an equal sign.

11. Then delete the contents of cells F3 and F4.

12. Now we can arbitrarily change the height, weight, and gender to calculate the height and weight coefficient, and get expert advice.

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