Weight management

Examination items within the scope of medical insurance?

1. Service items

does medicare cover weight management

1. Out-of-hospital consultation fee, registration fee, medical fee, etc. 2. Expedited examination fee, surcharge for medical visit fee, designated operation fee, high quality and low price, special care service fee Please special care fee.

2. Treatment items

1. Myopia orthopedics 2. Organ or tissue sources for various organ transplants or tissue transplants 3. Organ or tissue transplants other than heart valve, kidney, cornea, blood vessel, bone, skin and bone marrow transplants 4. Health care nutrition therapy, music therapy, qigong therapy, magnetic therapy and other auxiliary treatment items. Diagnostic equipment and medical materials

1, eyes, glasses, limbs, dentures, hearing aids and rehabilitation equipment 2, large medical equipment such as positron emission tomography, electron beam ct, ophthalmic excimer laser therapy equipment and other large medical equipment for examination and treatment.

Who set the bmi standard?

Body mass index (BMI) originated in the 19th century sociologist Adolphe Quetelet (Adolphe Quetelet) research. He collected data based solely on white European height and weight, and he believed that the average was the ideal human indicator. His findings remain the basis that doctors use to determine health conditions today.

In the 20th century, insurers often relied on inconsistent weight scales to determine their clients’ health risks, and until the 1970s, the Quittlet ratio (renamed BMI) was the best indicator of obesity they could find. Part of the reason why medical institutions rely on BMI is that our medical system forces them to examine patients as quickly as possible and avoid using labs or expensive equipment to assess people’s health.

Some observers believe there is another little-known secret to our reliance on BMI: there is a lot of money to be made from it. Lindo Bacon, a nutritionist and activist, agrees: “If everyone thinks we’re too fat, there’s a lot of money to be made.” The World Health Organization sets body mass index standards worldwide, and the World Health Organization is advised by an organization called the International Obesity Task Force, which is a private organization, and the top two donors are pharmaceutical companies that only make weight loss drugs.

What does bm mean medically?

A physical bmi actually refers to a reference index for evaluating the ratio of weight to height. This formula is weight divided by the square of height. So for the detailed value range of bmi, when the bmi value is less than 18.5, it means that the human body is in a thin state, and when the bmi value is between 18.5 and 23.9, it means that the human body’s weight is within the normal range.

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