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Essential oil facial skin care scraping steps?

1. Apply facial essential oil evenly.

what step in gua sha in a skin care routine

2. Use the scraper to gently press the facial acupuncture points from the bottom to the top to start scraping.

3. Gently stroke the whole face with the scraper. When shaving, pay attention to the gentle technique. The fish-shaped scraper should be gently supported along the meridians, and do not use too much force.

Which step is the scraping board scraping in skin care?

The scraping board scraping belongs to the massage step in skin care. This is because the function of the scraping board scraping is to promote blood circulation on the face, increase skin metabolism, and accelerate the removal of old cuticles and toxins accumulated on the face. This step can help the skin better absorb skin care products and achieve better cosmetic results. It is worth mentioning that before shaving on the scraping board, you need to make preparations, including cleansing and applying skin care products. At the same time, after shaving on the scraping board, you also need to apply skin care products again to moisturize. Therefore, scraping on the scraping board is a massage link in the skin care step, which can be carried out after applying skin care products, and you need to do a good job of moisturizing the skin before and after.

Skin care process after scraping?

Scraping the face can play a role in dredging the meridians. Scraping can pay attention to the following points: 1 Disinfect the scraping tool to avoid infection;

2 Have a scraping medium, which can play an emollient role and avoid damaging the skin;

3 The scraping direction is from the inside out, from the bottom to the top;

4 The scraping force should be gentle, and it can be slightly heated. There is no need to scrape, so as not to affect the facial image;

5 The scraping speed should be as slow as possible;

6 Do not wash your face or contact water and blow air for 4 hours after the scraping is over.

Scraping first or skin care first?

Of course, skin care first and then scraping!

Skin care can form a protective layer for normal skin, which can well lock in the moisture of the skin and protect the internal structure of the skin. A lot of scraping will be scraped during the scraping process, indicating that the skin has a lot of toxin deposits and needs to be scraped and removed, but the premise is that the skin should be well protected. Bad scraping techniques will damage the skin to varying degrees.

How to scrape the face to lose face? How to scrape at home?

The facial scraping technique is to use a scraping board to repeatedly lift the facial skin from bottom to top. When scraping for facial beauty, the technique should be gentle and scrape until the skin is hot or ruddy. The direction of the scraping board movement should be consistent with the direction of the facial muscles. When scraping, you can dip it in water or skin cream to keep the skin moist. Apply a hot towel to the face for a while after scraping.

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