Weight management

Entry comprehensive physical examination (weight, blood pressure, internal medicine and surgery, etc.)?

Generally simple entry physical examination items are:

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General examination:

Height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure: Measure human height, weight and blood pressure through instruments to scientifically determine whether the weight is standard and whether the blood pressure is normal.

Blood routine:

Five categories of blood routine: Reflect physical conditions by testing the count of blood cells and the classification of different types of cells and components, such as anemia, infection, etc.

Urinary routine:

Urine specific gravity, urinary pH, urinary nitrite, urinary protein, urinary ketone body, urinary biliogen, urinary white blood cells, urinary sugar, urinary bilirubin, urinary microscopic white blood cells, inorganic salts, urinary microscopic protein characterization, urinary occult blood, urinary microscopic red blood cells, tube type, epithelial cells: used to check urinary system diseases, such as urinary system infections, tumors, stones and understand renal function, and can also be used to assist in the examination of other system diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, etc.

Static electrocardiogram:

Electrocardiogram: provides an important basis for the diagnosis, efficacy evaluation, and prognosis evaluation of heart diseases.

X-ray-DR examination:

Chest positive DR (without film): Check for inflammation of the lungs, heart, mediastinum, septum, pleura, tuberculosis, tumors, pleural effusion and ribs, and the size of the heart.

What items are performed outside prison for physical examination?

Physical examination items include:

1. Past history: history of disease, drug use, mental illness, surgery trauma, etc.;

2. General examination: height, weight, physical features, head and face, body, limbs, etc.;

3. Five senses: eyes, ears, nose, throat, vision, hearing, etc.;

4. Surgery: skin, lymph, thyroid, thorax, spine, limb joints, genitals, anus, etc.; 5. Internal medicine: blood pressure, heart rate, heart and lung, liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, etc.

Laboratory examination: blood routine, urine routine, biochemical examination, immune examination; according to the focus of epidemic prevention, carry out the detection of AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious diseases.

Chest X-ray (DR) examination.

B-ultrasound (liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, male prostate, female uterus and accessories), electrocardiogram examination.

Gynecological examination: routine gynecological examination of female prisoners and related content examination.

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