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Empress Growth Plan 1. 9 Li Si Raiders. What do you want to do in detail every month?

Li Si (Crown Princess) Reputation 700 Charm 700 Affinity 600 Temperament 700 Etiquette 600 Morality 600 Confidence 500 Qinglou 1 Raiders After Yuxiaotang, there is more affinity, but there is too little charm, so I took music lessons. Got the first place… In fact, this depends on the situation. After all, the requirements for entering the palace to meet people are too high… At the beginning of Yuxiaotang, it has been up to the standard of charm and affinity. (The first autumn harvest festival is crucial. You must get the first place, otherwise the money will not be enough. After choosing the flower of the capital), I will have a courtesy class, and I will have the etiquette and temperament to the standard. (In the future, I will choose the flower of the capital for the autumn harvest festival), then I will have a chess class (to increase self-confidence), a private school or a clinic (to increase morality), because I have taken a Buddhist class, the feeling cannot be greater than 300! (Otherwise, I will become a nun). The rest is to go to the imperial palace to see Li Si. Seeing Li Si more than 6 times and meeting the above conditions will trigger the kite-flying event. You have to see Li Cheng 11 times, and then wait for His Royal Highness the Crown Prince to marry you~ = V = (I think the Crown Princess is relatively simple, and there is a lot of time left.) Notes: 1. Go to Daming Palace once at the end of each month (to increase prestige, see Li Si.) 2. Go to Hongbin Building once a month to eat seafood chowder to reduce fatigue or eat boiled fish once every two months ————————————————————————————————————- precautions (not to be ignored!): ① Go to the palace every month! Add prestige, otherwise “prestige> 700” can’t be completed ② Father’s name must be “Brother Chun”, and confidence will become 100! Don’t worry about losing confidence in the future! ③ Daughter zodiac should choose “Dragon” star constellation “Well” ④ Reduce fatigue Be sure to go to Hongbin Building to eat, rest once or twice, not too many times ⑤ Just start to strengthen your diet, change to a weight loss diet at the age of fifteen to ensure your figure! ④ Dragon girl event selection Confidence 0006 In addition to meeting the attribute standards, you have to see Li forty-one times or more

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