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Elizabeth’s skin care steps in the morning and evening?

As the name suggests, vitamin C is used for skin care in the morning and A alcohol is used for skin care in the evening.

what is queen elizabeths skin care routine

In the morning (focusing on whitening and antioxidant)

① Cleansing

② Toner (recommended to use a single ingredient basic hydration)

③ Vitamin C essence

④ Cream (lotion available for oily skin)

⑤ Sunscreen

Evening (emphasis on repair and anti-aging)

① Cleansing

② Toner (recommended to use a single ingredient basic hydration)

③ A alcohol essence

④ Cream (lotion available for oily skin)

⑤ Sunscreen

Correct usage of Helena?

1. The use of essence should be in the third layer of the skin care routine, that is, after cleansing and toning. After cleansing the skin, apply softener evenly before using essence, because toner and softener can help the skin effectively absorb water and directly enter the deep layer of the skin, making the skin softer and more elastic.

2. The amount of essence is not the more the better. Even if it is suitable for your own use, the more the better. Because the excess ingredients that cannot be absorbed will cause burden on the skin. It only takes 2-3 drops each time in summer, and 3-5 drops each time in winter. The T-shaped area only needs to be rubbed once a day, and 2 times around the eyes and lips.

3. Double the effect of using essence before applying the mask. Using essence as a base liquid can help subsequent skin care products absorb. You can apply essence in large quantities and then apply the mask, and the absorption effect will be doubled.

Steps to use Elizabeth gold glue?

The steps to use are: first cleanse and refresh, then take an appropriate amount of Elizabeth gold glue and apply it evenly to the face, gently massage until absorbed. It is recommended to use it in the morning and evening. In addition, pay attention to avoid contact with the eye area and open wounds. Elizabeth Gold Glue is a skin care product that can moisturize the skin, moisturize and lock in water. After use, it can make the skin more delicate and smooth, and at the same time relieve dry and tight skin. In addition, before using Elizabeth Gold Glue, other skin care products such as makeup water or serum can also be pretreated to achieve better results.

Is Estee Lauder uk Elizabeth genuine?

It is genuine

This skin care product is genuine. This Estee Lauder Elizabeth Blue Charm has been filed with the National Drug Administration, and the products launched by the Queen Elizabeth family of the United Kingdom are genuine.

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