Weight management

Electronic scale instructions?

1. When weighing, please place the scale on a hard and flat ground.

weight management pilot program

2. In order to ensure accuracy when using the electronic scale, it is best to test whether the power is sufficient before use.

3. In order to avoid affecting the accuracy of weighing, please do not place the scale on the carpet or soft ground, stand evenly on the scale surface and keep your body balanced.

4. Your feet must be balanced to ensure the accuracy of the value.

5. The most troublesome thing about a mechanical health scale is that the pointer will be biased, and it needs to be adjusted frequently to ensure that the pointer is accurate. It is best to pay attention to the adjustment before use.

6. You may wish to swing a few times before use.

7. After standing on the scale surface and stabilizing, the LCD display will display the weight measurement value. After the screen value stabilizes, the current weight value will appear.

8. When the subject can walk off the scale surface, the LCD display will return to zero later, and the next weight test can be carried out.

Haier Smart Scale Instructions?

1. First, you need to download the body fat scale app in the official app store of the mobile phone, which can be downloaded according to the prompts of the body fat scale manual;

2. Place the smart body fat scale on a flat floor and let the body fat scale automatically return to zero;

3. After opening the app about the body fat scale, it will prompt the interface that needs to bind the device, and click the “Bind Device” button;

4. Then turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, and then put the mobile phone close to the smart body fat scale;

5. Then according to the prompts, step on the device with your foot to activate the device;

6. On the device When the light is on, it means that the activation is successful, and click “Bind”;

7. Finally, stand on the body fat scale for 3 seconds to realize the connection and pairing between the mobile phone and the body fat scale device.

After the pairing is successful, you can create a user according to the system prompts, click the “Add Member” button, and enter the name, height, date of birth, etc. according to the actual situation on the Add Member page, and then click “Finish” to add successfully.

After clicking “Get on the scale”, stand on the body fat scale to see multiple body indicators on the mobile phone. That is, use.

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