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Eight cups of water skin care product set 9-piece use steps?

Step 1, wet the face with warm water

self care skin care routine

Step 2, fully foam with cleansing milk

No matter what kind of cleansing milk is used, the amount should not be too much, the area is the size of a five-cent coin.

Step 3, gently massage for 15 times

After applying the foam to the face, gently massage from bottom to top in circles, not too hard to avoid wrinkles. Massage about 15 times to let the foam spread all over the face.

Step 4. Wash the cleansing milk

After massaging with the cleansing milk, you can wash it. Some women are afraid that it will not be clean, so they scrub vigorously with a towel, which is very bad for delicate skin. You should gently press it on your face with a moist towel. After repeating it a few times, you can remove the cleansing milk without harming the skin.

Step 5. Check the hairline

After washing, you may think that the process of washing your face has been completed, but this is not the case. Also look in the mirror to check whether there is any residual cleansing milk around the hairline. This step is often ignored by people. Some women are always prone to acne around the hairline, but this step is actually ignored.

Step 6, wash with cold water for 20 times

Finally, hold cold water with both hands and wash the face for about 20 times, and apply a towel dipped in cold water to the face lightly. This can tighten the pores and promote facial blood circulation at the same time. Only in this way can the whole process of washing the face be completed. (Note: For sensitive skin, step 6 can be omitted because of the thin stratum corneum of the skin)

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